A Long Way from Disney - Part I

Read by Seth Harwood

(4 stars; 18 reviews)

It's the 1980s in Boston: the Celtics are rolling, the Patriots got crushed by the Bears, and the Sox are the Sox. Adam Berkman is learning how far from the warm feelings and epiphanies of Disney Americana his life can be when his parents get a divorce and he has to change schools almost every year. In this collection of linked stories, Seth Harwood takes you on a tour of Boston and its suburbs as he brings you more of the strong, clear writing you found in Jack Wakes Up.

In these stories you'll find frog murderers, slow dancers, lessons on basketball, fighting and how to defend your mother, as well as candy flippers, wiggers and portfolio managers, loves turning every direction imaginable -- maybe even good...

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What a great idea this site represents! As a new (co-) author from Australia, I understand, only too well, the difficulties that authors face, trying to get published then trying to assist in the marketing of their books. Co-author Michelle and I spend a lot of our time travelling around ...

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I have problems downloading the book — stuck at chapter 4… Currently the only option seem to be manually downloading the files. I tried releasing all episodes, but the podiobooks.com server seems to crash when I do this. I really love the stories and I'm quite frustrated with not being ...

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Hey hey hey, Some time back, I stopped posting episodes to A Long Way from Disney, which some of you may have noticed. I announced on my episodes that my plan was to put Disney on hold while I put out Jack Palms II: This Is Life, but I've recently ...

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Long Way From Disney Hits Very Close to Home. There is an ever-growing list of writers podcasting their fiction on the web. Some of them actually get it right, transporting you to a time and a place you've never been to before. Seth Harwood clearly gets it right. What sets ...

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This is top quality writing. Seth reveals not only his more sensitive side, but another layer of his talent as a storyteller. Honest, insightful and deeply human: we don’t just see the world through Adam’s eyes; we feel it with his heart. It’s beautiful stuff, well done Seth.

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Great book! A little hard to listen to because the stories are so emotional...if you're feeling a bit blue its best to wait till your feeling up. Is this a bad thing? No way thats just how good the writing is!

Solid slice of life story telling

(4 stars)

growing up in the Northeast a lot of these stories are very relatable. They did make me feel melancholy so I will stick with being a Jack Palms and young Junius listener.

(2 stars)

better left unsaid. depressing without being poignant. no matter, the author's crime fiction is thoroughly enjoyable. so just skip this and the volume 2 except for the Fisher cat story. check that. it's pretty damn funny.,