Heaven - Season Two: Hell

Read by Mur Lafferty

(4.3 stars; 208 reviews)


Kate and Daniel are reunited at last, but they have to return to their duties in traveling the afterlife. There are stolen souls suffering without cause in Hell, and only they can help. Kate is back in her corporeal body, but keeping memories of her time as pure soul energy, recently touched by the divine. Daniel carries the magic of an old god and the sword of a death goddess, as well a grudge against the deity who tricked him into losing nearly everything. As they search for the missing souls, Kate and Daniel have to come to terms with themselves and see if their friendship - not to mention the cosmos - can handle everything they've been through thus far.

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(4 stars)

great book to listen to to. I just wish it was the same kind of music if any from the first book, the music in this just did not fit. You speak about a few things in the book then the next it's like I'm getting ready to go out lol. I just think it doesn't do the book any justice considering its a fantastic book read by a good author and I think that let's it down a lot

interesting idea, story OK

(2.5 stars)

It is an interesting idea that is well read by the author.. The story is okay, but gets a bit mushy in parts. Not sure I fully understood it, but that could because of the way that I listen to it in a very disjointed fashion. I will try the next in the series, just because I am not paying for it! I don’t think I would if I had to pay.


(5 stars)

I first wasn't sure what I was starting to listen to, but both these seasons are fantastic!! I enjoyed this so much. There where tears, laughter, slight confusion and even arousal. I would suggest this to anyone 10/10 for me. I would have liked to see a bit from the devil/lucifer but apart from that it's amazing (everyone's a critic huh haha) 10/10 for me!!

(0 stars)

Lizzie, I can't find a user account with this email address, so I'm unable to look and see when the last time you received and episode. But you do know that the system gives you a new episode each week by default, yes? So if you signed up yesterday and ...

(0 stars)

I don't understand, I tried to find this book on itunes, but it wasn't there. I enjoyed book 1 and I would like to be able to listen to book two as I go, but I can't. Seems like others have had this problem, please tell me if and when ...

(0 stars)

I'll join you in that lack of understanding, David. You've found the book on our site. All you need to do is a) log in to Podiobooks.com (or create an account, it's free) b) Get to the Heaven 2 page (the image on this post will take you there) c) ...

(0 stars)

I love the story, and am starting Earth later today. I do have to say, it would may have been a bit more enjoyable to have some of the narration stumbles edited, instead of a pause / repeat the line. Though at the same time, they grew on me and ...

(0 stars)

Is your iTunes only loading first episode? Try this: Click Edit | Preferences then click the Podcasts Tab. From the Check for New Episodes list, choose when you want the downloads to occur. From the When new episodes are available list, choose Download all | click OK. The next time ...