Taken Liberty - A Tale from the Arbiter Chronicles

Read by Steven H. Wilson

(4.4 stars; 28 reviews)


Aer'La only wants to be free...

The Confederated Worlds are unparalleled as a society of free people, yet, somehow, slavery still manages to exist. Aer'La, a non-human, was bred to serve as a pleasure slave. Years ago, she escaped her masters and masqueraded as a human, joining the Confederate Navy, where she worked her way up to ship's Bos'n under the heroic Captain Jan Atal. Now, Aer'La's secret has been discovered by Atal's superiors, the media, and the world at large. Branded a sociopath, she learns that even a free society isn't willing to grant freedom - or justice - to all.

Library Journal says: "The author of the Arbiter Chronicles, an award-winning audio drama, vividly brings to life a cast of compelling characters while telling a story that measures the cost of freedom. The far-future military setting should appeal to fans of David Weber's "Honor Harrington" series as well as the military sf of David Drake."

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Chapter 1: The Trouble with Aer'La Read by Steven H. Wilson
Chapter 2: Raised in Captivity Read by Steven H. Wilson
Chapter 3: Departure Read by Steven H. Wilson
Chapter 4: The Fifth Midshipman Read by Steven H. Wilson
Chapter 5: Professor Mors Read by Steven H. Wilson
Chapter 6: The Arbiters' Society Read by Steven H. Wilson
Chapter 7: Den of Thieves Read by Steven H. Wilson
Chapter 8: Harl Read by Steven H. Wilson
Chapter 9: Meet the Press Read by Steven H. Wilson
Chapter 10: Arrested Read by Steven H. Wilson
Chapter 11: Quicker Than the Eye Read by Steven H. Wilson
Chapter 12: Inner Voices Read by Steven H. Wilson
Chapter 13: Revelations Read by Steven H. Wilson
Chapter Zero - An Overview of Arbiter Chronicles, Series One Read by Steven H. Wilson


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Hi, Pam. Glad you enjoyed the book overall. As to portraying sexual fantasies, a book which is heavy on sex will certainly portray someone's fantasies. I can't really say I directly put mine into TL, though. It's just that the Arbiters live in a highly sexualized culture, as we do. ...

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Steve, what a great story! And thank you for "chapter 0". As a newbie to your world, it enhanced my appreciation of the characters more than I would have without it. Personally, I like a good gritty, grown-up space opera and the sex - both the recreational and the emotional ...

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Thanks, Jane! Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I've kinda zoned the past few weeks, and hadn't gotten to my comments. Yours were pleasant surprise after a disappointing week. I'm not too proud to admit that I sometimes fall prey to spells of doubt about my writing, and ...

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I had expected this to be an interesting story, the premise of an escapee in constant risk of being discovered gives one ample opportunity to write a compelling story. But I quickly got out of it because the description of the systematic, "constitutional" abuse Aer'la and her equals had to ...

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Hi, Marco. I'm sorry the intensity of the flashbacks put you off. I quite understand how it feels to be put off by violence and general nastiness. I often feel a lot of popular entertainment is created by people who think they have to turn up the volume on violence ...

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I've recently found the Prometheus Radio Theatre podcasts (how did I miss these???), and went back to podcast #1 to listen (I found them somewhere in the middle of Peace Lord and wasn't content to begin in the middle). I'm so glad I did. As I've moved through the podcasts, ...

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Thanks, Dawn! Worry not, there will be more Arbiter Chronicles. I'm plotting another novel now, and that should be out in the next year. As to the bleeping -- first I've heard of it! I didn't do it! I don't know if it's maybe an iTunes thing? I'm going to ...

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On the last episode, and I must say I have loved the ride. The characterizations are great and I am looking forward to many more in the series. It's the first thing of yours I have listened to and I totally enjoyed it. Definitely up there with Sigler, Hutchins, Lowell, ...