Stories Worth Rereading

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(3.3 stars; 26 reviews)

A collection of short stories about many people. Some being tested, some being rewarded, all worth rereading! Many of them are the type to build character and inspire the readers to become men and women for God. They include various missionary, home and school stories. Numerous poems are also found sprinkled through this book. (Summary by Trotsa) (10 hr 1 min)


Preface and 'Their Word of Honor' 18:12 Read by Teresa Bauman
Heroism (poem) 1:28 Read by andrewjasper
Muriel's Bright Idea 7:05 Read by Kymberli Welch
Just Do Your Best (poem) 1:03 Read by SaraHale
The Strength of Clinton 11:01 Read by Ross Klatte
The Doctor's Cow 18:07 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
Brotherly Kindness (poem) 1:34 Read by andrewjasper
Honey at the Phone 3:57 Read by Teresa Bauman
One of Father's Stories 7:03 Read by DebK
What Rum Does 3:49 Read by Christine Lehman
My Mother's Ring 13:52 Read by Kymberli Welch
The Lad's Answer (poem) 1:54 Read by Larry Wilson
The Bridal Wine Cup 6:39 Read by Christine Lehman
A Mother's Sorrow and short poem 6:07 Read by SaraHale
The Reprimand 2:55 Read by realisticspeakers
The Kingfisher (poem) 1:30 Read by realisticspeakers
An Example 10:38 Read by realisticspeakers
Fighting the Good Fight 5:42 Read by Apinoko
Our Help is Near (poem) 1:00 Read by Christine Lehman
Tightening the Saddle Girth 2:59 Read by Liz Trollinger
If You But Knew (poem) 1:58 Read by Larry Wilson
Herrings for Nothing 7:18 Read by DebK
Come (poem) 1:21 Read by Larry Wilson
The Power of Song 8:33 Read by Christine Lehman
Jack's Fidelity 7:40 Read by DebK
Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother 4:38 Read by BettyB
The Sleigh Ride 9:27 Read by SK
The Tongue Can No Man Tame (poem) 0:57 Read by SaraHale
Samuel Smiles the Author of 'Self-Help' 6:44 Read by Kymberli Welch
Life's Battles (poem) 1:24 Read by Larry Wilson
David Livingstone 20:03 Read by Kymberli Welch
A True Incident of the San Francisco Earthquake 13:36 Read by Christine Lehman
Little Corners 5:15 Read by Bethesda Lily
In the Home 15:34 Read by SaraHale
Sometime, Somewhere (poem) 0:53 Read by SaraHale
Giants and Grasshoppers 10:37 Read by SK
As Good as His Bond 3:16 Read by realisticspeakers
Plain Bernice 8:28 Read by DebK
Say 'Thank You' (poem) 1:34 Read by BettyB
How the Boy Without a Reference Found One 3:59 Read by SaraHale
An Hour a Day for a Year 6:26 Read by Kymberli Welch
"Please Sir, I Would Rather Not" and short poem 4:00 Read by SaraHale
The Right Word 3:22 Read by Christine Lehman
A Friend (poem) 1:16 Read by Larry Wilson
The Saddest of India's Pictures 3:08 Read by BettyB
A Plea For Missions (poem) 1:25 Read by Larry Wilson
One Little Widow 6:53 Read by DebK
Why the Mite Boxes Were Full 8:26 Read by SirVive
Tito and the Boxers 7:48 Read by DebK
What the Flowers Say to Me (poem) 1:17 Read by Larry Wilson
How Nyangandi Swam to Church 1:30 Read by BettyB
To Those Who Fail (poem) 1:04 Read by SaraHale
The Little Printer Missionary 3:16 Read by Christine Lehman
Consecration (poem) 0:49 Read by Christine Lehman
The Missionary's Defense 6:08 Read by Christine Lehman
Light at Last 4:14 Read by Christine Lehman
The Brown Towel 5:47 Read by Teresa Bauman
Only a Boy 5:04 Read by Christine Lehman
When Someone's Late (poem) 1:15 Read by SaraHale
The Little Protector 6:07 Read by Liz Trollinger
If I Ought to (poem) 1:02 Read by Christine Lehman
Moffat and the Africaner 10:01 Read by Larry Wilson
Two Trifles 16:09 Read by Liz Trollinger
Finish Thy Work (poem) 1:27 Read by Larry Wilson
A Second Trial 8:05 Read by DebK
The Sin of Extravagance 4:20 Read by Devorah Allen
A Little Child's Work 3:55 Read by Devorah Allen
Christ is Coming (poem) 1:22 Read by Mary-Elizabeth Arndt
The Handy Box 4:01 Read by BettyB
The Result of Disobedience 6:42 Read by SaraHale
Likes and Dislikes (poem) 1:08 Read by Kalynda
Livingstone's Body Guard 11:48 Read by Larry Wilson
Spare Moments 3:35 Read by Kathleen Moore
A Gold Medal 5:08 Read by Kathleen Moore
A Girl's Railway Aquaintance 4:02 Read by Kathleen Moore
Harold's Footman 7:35 Read by Kathrine Engan
Elnathan's Gold 17:47 Read by Kathrine Engan
Only a Jack-knife 4:06 Read by realisticspeakers
A Spelling Bee 3:29 Read by SaraHale
Jack's Queer Ways 6:26 Read by Kathrine Engan
My Missionary Garden (poem) 1:35 Read by Larry Wilson
What One Boy Did 3:36 Read by T.K. Andersen
How Nick Learned Manners and short poem 5:45 Read by T.K. Andersen
Without Ballast 3:22 Read by Apinoko
Reflex Influence (poem) 1:40 Read by Larry Wilson
Influence of a Good Book 4:28 Read by Christine Lehman
Straightening out the Furrows and short poem 5:46 Read by Christine Lehman
A Boy Who Was Wanted 9:15 Read by Christine Lehman
Wanted: An Employer 12:41 Read by SK
How to Stop Swearing 5:21 Read by Kalynda
The Carols of Bethlehem Center 17:04 Read by Daniel Hennis
Standing Bear's Speech 10:23 Read by realisticspeakers
Some Things We Need (poem) 1:25 Read by SaraHale
Mabel Ashton's Dream 11:35 Read by BettyB
A Sad But True Story 9:07 Read by SaraHale
Sowing to the Flesh (poem) 1:44 Read by andrewjasper
The Man That Died For Me 15:41 Read by Christi Lupher
How Wonderful! (poem) 1:30 Read by Larry Wilson
Our Grass Rug - And Other Things 18:35 Read by Christine Lehman


Beautiful Stories

(5 stars)

As I was listening to these very uplifting stories, in "The Lad's Answer" I caught the phase "'tis home for my mother's living here." My mother who died only a few years ago, and I have thought this thought many times but had not expressed it so well, did make this place a home and not just a house as it is now. But I know her spirit is still here because she was a Christian woman and without her guidance I can't imagine how different my life might have been and I have continued to live here because it does "seem" like home because she is--in my heart--still living here. These are great stories and I would recommend them to anyone and wish to thank Librivox for the many hours of enjoyment I have spent in listening to this and many other of the stories these devoted readers continue to enrich my life (and I hope and believe others as well) with as often as I can listen. God bless all of you.

Excellent Christian Accounts

(5 stars)

These are what I don't hear nowadays: accounts gathered together to encourage both Christians and non-Christians to live lives that have eternal worth. It is easy to misunderstand the emphasis on certain social aspects of Victorian life. In an era without medical hygiene and pharmaceutical advantages there was a death in every family. Alcoholism was a curse that was fought with all the fervour of today's "Black Lives Matter", gay rights, and knife / gun crime campaigns. Yes, there was class division, racism and illiteracy, but there was also a work ethic and a recognition of that ethic that allowed people to lift out of the street gutters and into employment. This was a culture within Victorian society which aimed high because it had set before it the highest principles, and was honest about its failures and rejoiced in its successes. I don't find these principles or these encouragements nowadays, except in the empty platitudes of Internet images and feel-good stories. Today needs these accounts.

Charming Little Tales

(4 stars)

Before you criticize the themes on alcoholism... remember, alcoholism was and still is a family-ruining curse. I had an uncle who was an alcoholic, heavy smoker, and drug addict. He knew his habits were ruining his life, but he couldn't shake them, and... perhaps he didn't try... he's still alive (I think), but is now divorced from my aunt. He really lost his sanity, he has often claimed she is possessed by the devil and the only was to exorcise the demon is to take her to an expert in Rome (as opposed to a more local expert, just as good). So... remember that alcoholism is actually a very serious problem.

Didnt finish

(0.5 stars)

Dnf. I listened to about eight of the many stories in this volume. Stories is a misnomer; although they have the format of stories, they were undoubtedly intended to be sermons. About half the stories I read were on the evils of alcohol, and these little sermons were particularly pathetic. There's probably some decent stories among these sermons, but the book is 10 hours long, and I don't want to persist with a book of that length just to find a few good short stories.

Some lovely stories.

(3 stars)

There were some good stories, others with a moral and yet others that were exaggerated and soppy. Of great interest was the many voices and accents, making me realise how many people give their time generously.

Stories Worth Rereading

(5 stars)

Although I haven’t listened to this audio version, I have read the book itself, and each story is very interesting.

(5 stars)

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