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When the role of ‘Lady Superintendent’ becomes available at the Commercial and Technical College for South West England, the calm and capable Pauline Marchrose is the successful applicant. This is good news for Sir Julian, the college director, who greatly admires her diligence and ability. Mark Easter, Sir Julian’s agent, feels admiration for her too, which rapidly becomes romantic attraction. But Mark already has a wife, albeit in name only. And Sir Julian’s wife, Lady Edna Rossiter, discovers that Pauline Marchrose is the same woman who jilted her cousin Clarence after he was paralysed in an accident. A manipulative,self-righteous and interfering woman, she has little interest in the truth of the story, and she uses her position and influence to start a whispering campaign against Pauline. In a small community this soon creates an atmosphere of suspicion and tension which threatens her whole future. - Summary by Helen Taylor (8 hr 9 min)


Chapter I 25:25 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter II 24:25 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter III 26:02 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter IV 26:30 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter V 26:53 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter VI 25:36 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter VII 21:25 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter VIII 21:06 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter IX 19:01 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter X 20:27 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter XI 27:48 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter XII 27:38 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter XIII 25:23 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter XIV 30:19 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter XV 28:00 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter XVI 27:43 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter XVII 28:07 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter XVIII 26:07 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter XIX 26:02 Read by Helen Taylor
Chapter XX 5:54 Read by Helen Taylor


Helen Taylor is superb (as always) in this reading. Her voiced portrayals of the characters brings them to life vividly and colorfully. A wonderful story full of provocative issues that are still relevant today. Thank you, Helen!

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

The harm of vicious gossip is made clear in this story. More interesting though is a young woman’s doubts of her own morality. It’s a thought provoking story of a lonely, friendless woman and the responses of those around her. Well worth the listen and Helen Taylor is one of the absolute best narrators on Librivox. You will despise the ever meddling Edmee.

Thank You Helen

(5 stars)

I have not even completed listening to this book to be able to give very positive feedback to Helen (MIss or Mrs) for her wonderful reading of this and all of the other works she has so dramatically read and for the calming accent of her voice. Her voice plays upon my ears even as I sleep because I have noticed that even the dreams of combat, seem to be lessened by the sounds of that accent as I sleep. I suggest that that is probably due to one of my profession , as a performing and recording musician and my English/Irish heritage, for although I do not believe we learn much as we sleep, I believe the comfort of having a pleasing voice in our ears as we sleep, can have that effect. Thank you, Helen, for this and all of the other works for which you have used your very special gift for the benefit of others. Others, such as I, whom I have talked about too often to mention here, have benefitted with no cost to themselves except to listen and that isn't a cost, in your case, and, for all the people at Librivox (although I do not read because of my "Elvis" sounding voice which has been mistaken by many others to be that of that particular performer). And, all of whom deserve a great deal of praise from all of us. I do not know why, nor do I, believe I will ever know why, people do not all listen to this wonderful site in which everything is given and nothing taken. God bless you, Helen, and I am going straight back to finish this work because I have loved all of the other works you have so untiringly devoted time to which, I am sure you could have devoted to something else you do equally well. And, God bless everyone at Librivox who give so much of themselves.

excellent story superbly narrated

(5 stars)

the story is well synopsized in the description section. The writing is a very nice surprise. Characters are finely drawn and scenes described with a complete lack of the verbose explanations so typical of novels of thus era. The reader is immensely talented.

(4 stars)

I got into this quickly. The story really entwines itself around one's head. A rather melancholy story of human malice & apathy under a false face of concern. Excellent reading.

(5 stars)

The reader is a perfect match for the book!👍