Tincture, And The Devil Pulls Six-Guns

Read by Matthew D. Jordan

(4.6 stars; 215 reviews)

After the events in the Shimmer Town, Abranyah and her family are left with more responsibility than she believes they can handle - both in her time, as it is, and in the "other place." As the rebuild continues, cryptic clues of a time before hers - a time before The Whatever - have started appearing in Abranyah's life. Truly the only thing certain, in times as they are, is uncertainty. A mysterious figure known as The Lazaran begins to influence events in the barren, The Warrant ushers more and more of the populace under their wing, and a wanted man known as Devil makes Abranyah an intriguing proposition. Will her decisions effect life before The Whatever? Will she discover the secret to the blackness? Or, will her choices lead to war?

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Chapter 01: You Carry Cannons Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 02: Three Years On, We Think Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 03: Just A Little Brimstone Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 04: Day Isn't Over Yet Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 05: The Flavor of a Ruse Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 06: Stay Safe, Stay Quiet Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 07: Let Us Do The Numbers Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 08: The Devil Pulls Six-Guns Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 09: Now We're Crazy Together Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 10: You're Looking At Him Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 11: Those Who Hunt You Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 12: There's No Road Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 13: And So I Give You Back Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 14: Reserves of Mercy Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 15: Pray For The Devil Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 16: The Thick of Things Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 17: Preparing Buckets Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 18: I'm Not Really Here Read by Matthew D. Jordan
Chapter 19: Amen all The Same Read by Matthew D. Jordan


Even better

(5 stars)

You can feel the authors rustiness in the first in the beginning of the first book, but this comes on strong and ends strong. And keeps right on beating in between. It concerns an apocalypse that the forgetful locals "The Whatever" and if that doesn't push your western post apocalypse buttons, you probably don't have any. "Stay safe. Stay quiet." This isn't an author with one good idea he's trying to harp on. This is an author who is exploring a strange and fantastic world with you, and leaves you hoping this is the second book of a trilogy. Of a series of trilogies.


(5 stars)

excellent story loved them both

very nice

(4.5 stars)

Great music and storytelling

Can i give it ten stars?

(5 stars)

I love this trilogy, looking forward to hearing the third part more than is, perhaps, healthy. I've listened to books one and two, twice, over the last week. So enthralled was I by the characters and the wonderful narration. I don't go for Mad Max apocalyptic books and this definitely isn't one of them, it is well thought out, the characters are full and detailed. All have a role in this intricate web. Some parts have made me laugh whilst others have made me reach for a tissue. Rarely, very rarely , does a novel as good as this come along. Be patient, if you don't understand what's going on carry on listening, it will get clearer. It'll be worth the effort.

beautiful story

(5 stars)

picking up from the first the story continues brilliantly. I love the way the music coincides with the story. The music, paired with the masterful reading, makes for a wonderful journey through space, time, or whatever ;) At times, I felt crocodile tears, an others, a sense of awe and curiosity. I love the openness of the concepts. Some things need not be explained. People tend to be lazy nowadays as to thinking and having to come up with their own conclusions. I surmise they'll be a third installment at some point to fill the blackness here and there, and I'm excited thoroughly about that prospect of that. Thank you for your great story telling.

wow and I thought the 1st one was mind bending and a great story

(5 stars)

this one is even better,i enjoyed your 1st book in this line vary much, then this one was a mind truck, (well you know what I'm referring to) it makes you think I know what's up, then wonder what the heck, I did not have a clue, to me a story that can make you think, wonder, scratch your head and think wow, I did not see that coming and the. whole time keeps getting better, is a great story indeed. thank you for writing this and please add more to the story line,my mind needs more bending. Herman Manchester tn

Cheering in Borneo

(5 stars)

I feel so blessed to have come across this series. Book 2 did not disappoint and I'm left cheering...for the journey I have just been taken on....and for the start of the next journey that will be book 3. This is a majestic book told through glorious narration and puntuated by such poignant and emotional music. This is most certainly art....and at its best. Matthew Jordan. ...thank you for creating a world for us to walk through with your so engaging characters....for creating a new language for the days ahead and for a theme of love and family that will overcome all. Literally cannot wait for book 3. Good job sir....

(0 stars)

A worthy sequel to its excellent predecessor. Good audioquality well read and good choice of music. A must if you liked "An Apocalyptic Proposition" and the Stephen Kings Dark Tower. MfG AndyW side note: concerning the musik. the backgroundmusik of the warranttapes reminded me strongly of the musik in farcry ...