The Town Down the River: A Book of Poems

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a volume of poetry by Edwin Arlington Robinson, dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt. This volume also contains his lesser known shorter poems as well as the well-known narrative poem Miniver Cheevy. - Summary by Carolin (1 hr 9 min)


The Master 2:56 Read by Tom Penn
The Town Down the River 5:03 Read by Sonia
An Island 10:09 Read by BettyB
Calverly's 1:34 Read by Jeff Moon
Leffingwell 2:31 Read by Sonia
Clavering 2:15 Read by Tom Penn
Lingard and the Stars 1:07 Read by BettyB
Pasa Thalassa Thalassa 3:11 Read by Ezwa
Momus 0:54 Read by Jessi McDaniel
Uncle Ananias 2:05 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Whip 1:48 Read by Kathleen Flanary
The White Lights 1:23 Read by tawdryfields
Exit 0:45 Read by Sonia
Normandy 1:42 Read by Leonard Wilson
Leonora 1:06 Read by Jessi McDaniel
The Wise Brothers 1:10 Read by Ezwa
But for the Grace of God 2:12 Read by Leonard Wilson
Au Revoir 0:52 Read by Jessi McDaniel
For Arvia 1:17 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Sunken Crown 1:10 Read by Kathleen Flanary
Doctor of Billiards 1:05 Read by Kathleen Flanary
Shadrach O'Leary 0:59 Read by Jessi McDaniel
How Annandale Went Out 1:29 Read by Leonard Wilson
Alma Mater 1:26 Read by Leonard Wilson
Miniver Cheevy 1:35 Read by 3Dad
The Pilot 1:40 Read by Leonard Wilson
Vickery's Mountain 2:38 Read by Kathleen Flanary
Bon Voyage 1:31 Read by Nathan
The Companion 1:08 Read by Leonard Wilson
Atherton's Gambit 1:52 Read by Tom Penn
For a Dead Lady 1:32 Read by Ezwa
Two Gardens in Linndale 4:11 Read by Tom Penn
The Revealer 3:40 Read by Ezwa