Sixteen Poems

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a collection of 16 poems by William Allingham, selected and brought together by his admirer William Butler Yeats several years after Allingham's death. - Summary by Carolin (0 hr 41 min)


Let Me Sing of What I Know 0:37 Read by Lian Pang
The Winding Banks of Erne 6:01 Read by Sonia
Abbey Asaroe 2:34 Read by Sonia
A Dream 2:03 Read by Sonia
The Fairies 2:16 Read by Diana Schmidt
The Lepracaun or Fairy Shoemaker 2:38 Read by Sonia
The Girl's Lamentation 4:28 Read by Anusha Iyer
The Nobleman's Wedding 2:21 Read by Anusha Iyer
Kate O'Belashanny 3:25 Read by Sonia
Four Ducks on a Pond 0:37 Read by Gaby
Aeolian Harp 1:30 Read by Aja
The Maids of Elfin-Mere 2:09 Read by Aja
Twilight Voices 2:11 Read by Sonia
The Lover and Birds 3:05 Read by Anusha Iyer
The Abbot of Innisfallen 4:00 Read by Sonia
The Ruined Chapel 1:40 Read by Gaby