This Burning World

Read by Jeff Lane

(4.6 stars; 569 reviews)

Picking up where This Paper World left off, Jim Hunt is at home with friends and family for summer break... but only briefly. He has committed to attend intense training to hone his new abilities at a Champion training camp in northern Maine. Upon arriving at the camp, Jim is introduced to his new teacher, Clyde, a crusty curmudgeon of a man who is determined to keep Jim on his toes. Sharing the camp is a talented young teen, Gabby, who hasn't "flipped her switch" yet, but has the potential to become a powerful Champion.

While at the camp, a powerful enemy who has crossed Jim's path before strikes a devastating blow. Jim sets off on a solo journey of vengeance to bring retribution down on this evil being. Will Jim find the justice he seeks or will he lose his life and his soul in the pursuit?

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Episode 1 - Prologue and Chapter 1 Read by Jeff Lane
Episode 2 - Chapter 2 Read by Jeff Lane
Episode 3 - Chapter 3 Read by Jeff Lane
Episode 4 - Chapter 4 Read by Jeff Lane
Episode 5 - Chapter 5 Read by Jeff Lane
Episode 6 - Chapter 6 Read by Jeff Lane
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Episode 21 - Finale - Chapter 23 and Epilogue Read by Jeff Lane


great book

(4.5 stars)

Vary enjoyable story with lots of potential to be a long-term series of excellent stories also the author does a wonderful job of narrating and making each person a individual part of the story.

(0 stars)

Well done! An excellent continuation of This Paper World. Vivid descriptions, colorful characters, solid plot line... Thoroughly enjoyable. I can honestly say I wish there was more coming in this series!

"SPOILER" (partly!) sorry about the pun!

(5 stars)

Another great champions saga book. Can't wait for number 3! Love listening to Jeff lane reading it as he knows how he wants the characters to sound. And I hope if they turn this one into a film they still use the same band! great adventure and I love listening to gobby gabby! she is fun! it's one of five people. Eric, Park, Wesley or even Troy or some version of Ford! keep thinking park but not sure as that's too obvious!

Excellent sequel!

(4.5 stars)

I enjoyed the first book, "Paper World", but I think this sequel is even better. Jeff does an excellent job of reading, he really fills out his characters making the story "grab" the imagination. I especially appreciate that there is a "good moral" undertone to the plot and that he doesn't have to stoop to using a bunch of profanity and raunchiness to make up for a weak storyline. I do hope the author plans on a third sequel, I hate cliffhangers.

Great stories

(5 stars)

Fantastic, these stories are very well written and narrated by the author is very nice touch. I wonder if anyone else could have done that as well. I can't wait until the rest of this world story continues. One reason is so i can find out if I know for certain who was seen. Seen by the only one that called him "Champ".I did read One Way first so I enjoy his style of writing. Thank You

Badd a**

(5 stars)

I'm really getting into this series of books. I love listening to all the good ones like Scott Sigler The 7th son series and now these keep it up though Steve. You will enjoy this very much if you like the sci-fi type crime mystery type magic kind of audio . Can't wait to go listen to one way Which Is exactly the way I'm going now.

Absolutely brilliant

(5 stars)

Another fantastic story, thank you so much for sharing your books with us Jeff. My only issue is that your stories are so addictive that they're bingeworthy :) It's so refreshing to read unexpected plot twists and turns, I love not knowing what will happen next. I can't wait to read more of your work, a true storyteller is a rare gift nowadays.

(0 stars)

Having read/listened to "This Paper World" and "One Way" and enjoyed both, I find that his latest work is also well-written and least so far (I'm up to chapter 15.) The narration is clear and well-inflected. There are some really great story tellers out there, and Jeff Lane is ...