Ruskin School of Art

University of Oxford Podcasts


Graduate Open Day at the Ruskin 19:01 Read by Anthony Gardener
Rebecca Logan 1:57 Read by Rebecca Logan
Priyesh Mistry 3:11 Read by Priyesh Mistry
Natasha LaForce 2:19 Read by Natasha LaForce
Joseph Fuller 1:19 Read by Joseph Fuller
Jocelyn McGregor 1:22 Read by Jocelyn McGregor
Heather Bignall 1:45 Read by Heather Bignall
Flo Ray 1:28 Read by Flo Ray
Claire Poulter 2:18 Read by Claire Poulter
Ali McInnes 2:18 Read by Ali McInnes
Introduction to the 2009 Degree Show 4:12 Read by Oliver Beer, Jasmine Robinson and Andrew Gillespie
Oliver Beer 2:45 Read by Oliver Beer and Jasmine Robinson
Andrew Gillespie 2:25 Read by Andrew Gillespie, Oliver Beer and Jasmine Robinson
Min-Young Kwon 2:14 Read by Min-Young Kwon
Hannah Meszaros-Martin 1:27 Read by Hannah Mezsaros-Martin
Jasmine Robinson 1:45 Read by Jasmine Robinson, Oliver Beer and Andrew Gillespie
Natalia Rodionova 2:12 Read by Natalia Rodionova
Emily Vicary 4:35 Read by Emily Vicary
Jacob Wolff 1:46 Read by Jacob Wolff
Richard Wentworth in Conversation 11:40 Read by Richard Wentworth, Tiff Chan, Tom Hardiman and Helen Marten
Tom Hardiman 1:44 Read by Tom Hardiman
Konstanty Czartoryski 0:32 Read by Konstanty Czartoryski
Jon Aye 1:51 Read by Jon Aye
Jim Allchin 2:11 Read by Jim Allchin
Grace Exley 1:12 Read by Grace Exley
Amy Jackson 2:15 Read by Amy Jackson