The Way It Came

Read by Tony Addison

(4.1 stars; 6 reviews)

Best known under the title "The Friends Of The Friends" and chosen under that title for his classic fantasy anthology "Black Water" by Alberto Manguel as one of the best ghost stories ever written, this "ghost" story (that is, if it is "a ghost story") is a profound psychological observation of a love transcending death - also a detailed exploration of the min of the woman who would rather have her love right here in life. Echoing "The Turn Of The Screw" in its treatment of the supernatural as psychological, it turns the tables by making the supernatural consummately "real" - at least in the mind of one who loves. To find out how, listen on. - Summary by Tony Addison (1 hr 29 min)


Chapter One 44:08 Read by Tony Addison
Chapter Two 45:26 Read by Tony Addison



(5 stars)

The story seems to go nowhere at first but all ties up in the end. You may be able to keep your man being stolen by a friend, but....a dead friend....? I wouldn't say the reading is dead-pan. There is subtle intonation and inflection in the reader's voice ,( reminds me of Christopher Lee ), that adds to the mood.

dead pan reading of a very wordy little tale of not sure what

(4 stars)