"British" World War One Poetry: An Introduction

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University of Oxford Podcasts


War Poetry 47:43 Read by Mark Rawlinson
The Early Poets 48:01 Read by Alisa Miller
Georgians and Others 17:08 Read by Stuart Lee
Poetry vs. History 15:00 Read by Stuart Lee
Women Poets 40:36 Read by Jane Potter
‘On your lips my life is hung’: Robert Graves and War 48:31 Read by Charles Mundye
Popular Poetry 16:30 Read by Stuart Lee
Edward Thomas: Edwardian War Poet 51:51 Read by Guy Cuthbertson
Manuscripts 12:55 Read by Stuart Lee
Ivor Gurney: A Poet born out of War 55:31 Read by Philip Lancaster
Isaac Rosenberg: ‘Fierce Imaginings’ – the Private and the Poet 58:30 Read by Jean Liddiard
Wilfred Owen 46:46 Read by Jon Stallworthy
David Jones 15:09 Read by Stuart Lee
'Earth Voices Whispering’: Reading Ireland’s Poetry of WWI: An Introduction 59:33 Read by Gerald Dawe
Siegfried Sassoon 51:03 Read by Meg Crane
Poetry of the Empire 43:54 Read by Simon Featherstone
Impact of the 1914 – 1918 Poets 58:26 Read by Adrian Barlow
Edmund Blunden 31:52 Read by Margi Blunden


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