Theoretical Physics - From Outer Space to Plasma

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Basics of Anyons and Nonabelian Aharanov-Bohm Effect 39:29 Read by John March-Russell
Knots, World-lines, and Topological Quantum Computation 33:40 Read by Steve Simon
Quantum Computing 48:35 Read by Andrew Steane
Searches for Dark Matter 40:24 Read by Ulrich Haisch
Precision Studies of the Higgs 32:57 Read by Giulia Zanderighi
The Standard Model and the LHC 38:53 Read by Juan Rojo
The impact of black holes on the Universe 47:03 Read by James Binney
Black holes in the nearby Universe 45:10 Read by John Magorrian
Black holes in Einstein's gravity and beyond 44:01 Read by Andrei Starinets
Plasma tamed, fusion power and the theoretical challenge 51:43 Read by Steven Cowley
Turbulence: Plasma Unleashed 55:42 Read by Alexander Schekochihin
Plasma: what it is, how to make it and how to hold it 38:44 Read by Felix Parra-Diaz
String Theory on the Sky 32:33 Read by David Marsh
Darkness Visible: The Hunt For Dark Matter 30:44 Read by Felix Kahlhoefer
Inner space meets outer space: Introduction 33:53 Read by Subir Sarkar
Motility in Living Matter: from molecular motors to bacterial swarms 48:08 Read by Julia Yeomans
Living Matter: a theoretical physics perspective 48:37 Read by Ramin Golestanian
Making the Vacuum Concrete 48:27 Read by Fabian Essler
Matter Emerges from the Vacuum 23:07 Read by Joseph Conlon
The Vacuum Comes Alive 33:58 Read by James Binney