Oxford Physics Public Lectures

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Cosmology from the Microwave Background 57:49 Read by Jo Dunkley
Everything from nothing, or how our universe was made 55:42 Read by Carlos Frenk
Topological Boundary Modes from Quantum Electronics to Classical Mechanics 1:05:04 Read by Charles Kane
The Higgs Boson and Particle Physics at the LHC: a Progress Report and Plans for… 56:30 Read by Daniela Bortoletto
Science with a crowd: The Zooniverse from Galaxy Zoo to LSST 54:47 Read by Chris Lintott
Colours from Earth: preparing for exo-earth characterisation 1:04:52 Read by Robert Fosbury
Black Holes, Axions and the Gravitational Atom in the Sky 46:28 Read by Asimina Arvanitak
Ice Cores, Climate and Sea Ice 55:10 Read by Eric Wolff
Inside the Centre: The Life and Work of J. Robert Oppenheimer 1:14:43 Read by Ray Monk
Millisecond Pulsars, Magnetars, and Black Holes: The Wickedly Cool Stellar Undea… 1:01:55 Read by Scott Ransom
A Physicist’s View of the Emergence of Terrestrial Vertebrates 51:07 Read by Steve Balbus
Science and the Art of Inventiveness 55:55 Read by Andrei Seryi
How the Universe Evolved From Smooth to Lumpy -- the Physics of Galaxy Formation 55:19 Read by Eliot Quataert
Churchill, Oxford physicists and the Bomb 1:03:09 Read by Graham Farmelo
PT-symmetric Quantum Mechanics 59:13 Read by Carl Bender
Galaxies and the Intergalactic Medium 58:25 Read by James Binney
Turning in the Widening Gyre: Accretion Processes in the Universe 58:12 Read by Steven Balbus
Lorenz Gödel and Penrose: new perspectives on determinism and unpredictability, … 1:06:28 Read by Tim Palmer
Building stars, planets and the ingredients for life between the stars 57:05 Read by Ewine van Dishoeck
The Fast Track to Finding an Inhabited Exoplanet 1:03:26 Read by David Charbonneau