Minutes To Midnight; The Nemesis Chronicles

Read by H.R. Jackson

(4.5 stars; 355 reviews)

Mythics... Creatures and beings of legend, possessing extraordinary abilities. Once thought of as merely stories, they've learned to blend into society to survive. Until someone decides to tip that balance.

Amazons... Morgan, an outcast searching for answers that will unravel the mystery that led to her exile from the only family she's ever known.

Vikings... Dirk, a renowned courtesan in the city of sin, forced to choose between the life he has and what could be.

Nemesis... A group of powerful Mythics determined to find out who is behind the rash of random transformations, before chaos grips the city.

Together, they must stop what's coming, before what happens in Vegas…changes everything.

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(5 stars)

So enjoyed the first book of this series. Plot was captivating. Really enjoyed the first person's thoughts and feelings of the two main characters. Made the story so much more involved and interesting. And the reading was fantastic by H.R. Jackson!


(3.5 stars)

Reminds me of a fantasy version of a Harliquin novel. A fun story, but I found it hard to discern which character was narrating in the chapters where the name wasn't given at the beginning. Sometimes, even after 5 or so minutes! The narration itself was of excellent quality and perfectly audible, although the inflection paired with no difference in the characters' voices, again, added to my confusion. All in all, it wa still worth the time to listen. Given the detail of Morgan, if love to see an artist's rendition of her! ;)


(5 stars)

I loved this book. it was the first time I had heard of H. R. Jackson and I was NOT disappointed! I have always had a fasinaction with supernatural things and bringing into the present was a fantastic idea! The connection between the two main characters was brilliant and the way it was written was unusual and probably not as easy as it sounds! Thank you for writing something like this. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to find the next one!

(0 stars)

Yahoo! ;-D I just purchased Book 2 over at Audible and can't wait to dive in tomorrow during my run...my Dirk crush shall continue uninterrupted! Kept my earbuds in long after my workout because I just couldn't stop listening. I hope for many more books from you guys. Thanks again, ...


(5 stars)

I have not been this entertaint since Fried Green Zombies and The Secret World Chronicle. The humor of the first combined with the fight scenes of the second AND an amazing narrator, makes this my favorite audio book to date. can't wait for the sequel. Thank you j.r.jackson.

(0 stars)

Hiya Cece! Book 2, Hand of Time, just went live over at Audible.com (literally, in the last 30 minutes). I have the link on our website if you want more details! So glad you enjoyed Minutes To Midnight! I hope you enjoy book 2 as much :)

(0 stars)

Wendy: We're hard at work on the second book, with an eye on having it to test readers by December and available for consumption (audio and otherwise) by February 2013 :) If we can get it out sooner than that, I promise we most certainly will!

Great story

(5 stars)

First of all, I just want to curl up in the author/reader's voice. Author Jackson's smooth narration and style of writing makes the story exciting in many ways. Lots of action, magic, creatures, and complex character interactions kept me attached to the tale.