Open All Night and Other Tales

Read by David Collins-Rivera

(4.4 stars; 38 reviews)

A teenage girl with a choice to make; a stand-up comic running from his past; a woman giving birth while her world is torn to pieces. Space stations, starships, and people just being people. Five stories from the Stardrifter universe!

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Applauding from Borneo

(5 stars)

This is a delightful series of short stories that individually achieves great depth and character development in such a short space of time. The space context is not overlooked and is weaved in quite naturally in the story lines. I have come to admire and really appreciate David Collins-Rivera as both an author and as a very accomplished narrator. Can't wait to get into more of his work.

(0 stars)

Great work. I really liked to hear some small stories from Ejoqs life. Some of the stories had (at least for me) a "Nathan Lowell Trader Tales" vibe and i mean that in the most positive sense. Yeah the audioquality may not be top notch but for a good story ...

(0 stars)

I've enjoyed all your works on podiobooks, I think I've kicked in a few bucks to them. I hope you keep giving us podiobooks users an easy way to listen to you!

(0 stars)

No surprises here! Another amazing production from DCR. Great acting, great stories. A little hiss in the audio, but who cares? The enjoyment factor hides this little imperfection.

(0 stars)

Excellent work. I echo the "Nathan Lowell" comment. A little more excitement and intensity, though. Very fun. (And I'm a big Lowell fan).

(0 stars)

I found the piano between segments annoying and jarring. I liked the story, but sorry, couldn't make it through the first one.

(0 stars)

btw, you say it right in your stories but I think you spell it wrong: Carbonari not Carbornari.

Absolutely Fantastic!

(5 stars)

This group of stories were a joy to listen to. Thanks Daivid. Peter T.