Diary of an S and M Romance

Read by Dollie Llama

(3.7 stars; 9 reviews)

The first-ever adult title on Podiobooks.com.

"Diary of an S and M Romance" is the true story of a young widow reclaiming her life in a red-hot world of kinky sex. She's a feminist doing things that many feminists would consider beastly, and loving every second of it. In "Diary of an S and M Romance", Dollie Llama explores the complex connections between romantic sweetness and furious, nasty sex.

Part introspective journey of discovery, part tender love story.
Part manifesto of empowerment, part dirty dirty book.

"A refreshingly different book about an S and M relationship. The title 'romance' has been rightly chosen. Who should read "Diary of an S and M Romance"? All who have an interest in S and M.
-- Marquis Magazine

"The book has a feeling of real intimacy. This very contemporary romance taps into the universality of all relationships."
-- Skin Two Magazine

"Diary of an S and M Romance": NOT your mother's memoir

Dollie Llama and ThornDaddy are an ecstatically married couple living in Southern California. They do a free weekly BDSM PodCast called Submission and Coffee.

And check out their second serialized free audiobook, The Plump Buffet.

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(3.5 stars)

Worth listening to. Entertaining and educational. The narration is very good. Key concepts of the BDSM culture, dom/sub in particular, are presented in a tactful and sensuous manner. The biggest benefit I derived from this recording was my deeper understanding of the psychological motivations behind the actions of the participants. This in turn had far reaching unanticipated consequences for it allowed me to appreciate movies, that made their way to mainstream cinema, such as 2002 Secretary or 2014 The Duke of Burgundy, etc. that previously I would treat with incredulity. Thanks to this recording I now view books and movies with BDSM themes with a different mindset.

not for everyone,

(4 stars)

it's about BDSM so if master-slave relationships make you uncomfortable, you will be very uncomfortable. I have never heard of a slave so devoted to their master. if that's your thing, you'll enjoy this book. The voice of the readers are very good and clear and the narration is also very good.