The Bridge Builders

Read by Tony Addison

(4.2 stars; 8 reviews)

A tale of the revenge of the earth, in this case, specifically, Mother Gunga, Goddess of the River Ganga, against the men who confine her power, The Bridge Builders is also a tale of the death of the Gods as their place in the earth is taken by the things of science. A close description of the building of a bridge across the River Ganges, the tale also tells of a vision of the Gods in an opium dream like a dream in the mind of Brahma; and when Brahma wakes, the Gods die. Or do they? ( Tony Addison) (1 hr 40 min)


Part One 25:33 Read by Tony Addison
Part Two 32:44 Read by Tony Addison
Part Three 31:28 Read by Tony Addison
Part Four 10:19 Read by Tony Addison


(5 stars)

DJ Tramp, how DARE you use THAT word about ANYONE. It reflects more on you than the reader, who, if you bothered to listen, is very good and conveys meaning with subtle changes of voice. The recording is a little slow to begin with but this is soon rectified and can be adjusted with the appropriate button. DON'T BE PUT OFF THIS READER by Tramp(?!) 's disgusting comment. The story is typical Kipling, throwing a light on Indian culture and beliefs. Well worth a listen.

(0.5 stars)

I can’t listen to this, the reader sounds like a retard!!