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Henry Kendall was the first Australian poet to draw his inspiration from the life, scenery and traditions of the country. In the beginnings of Australian poetry the names of two other men stand with his—Adam Lindsay Gordon, of English parentage and education, and Charles Harpur, born in Australia a generation earlier than Kendall. Harpur's work, though lacking vitality, shows fitful gleams of poetic fire suggestive of greater achievement had the circumstances of his life been more favourable. Kendall, whose lot was scarcely more fortunate, is a true singer; his songs remain, and are likely long to remain, attractive to poetry lovers. - Summary by From the Introduction (2 hr 29 min)


Biographical Note 22:17 Read by Sylvester Lan
The Muse of Australia 0:56 Read by DebK
Mountains 5:32 Read by Larry Wilson
Kiama 2:33 Read by DebK
Etheline 1:53 Read by DebK
Aileen 2:36 Read by DebK
Kooroora 2:03 Read by DebK
Fainting by the Way 5:40 Read by Larry Wilson
Song of the Cattle-Hunters 1:06 Read by Heather James
Footfalls 3:20 Read by Leonard Wilson
God Help Our Men at Sea 2:33 Read by Larry Wilson
Sitting by the Fire 3:57 Read by Jude
Bellambi's Maid 1:57 Read by Heather James
The Curlew Song 2:48 Read by Heather James
The Ballad of Tanna 2:16 Read by Heather James
The Rain Comes Sobbing to the Door 3:00 Read by Larry Wilson
Urara 2:57 Read by Heather James
Evening Hymn 2:20 Read by Larry Wilson
Stanzas 1:10 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Wail in the Native Oak 6:02 Read by Heather James
Harps We Love 1:07 Read by Heather James
Waiting and Wishing 1:59 Read by Heather James
The Wild Kangaroo 2:57 Read by Heather James
Clari 1:19 Read by Heather James
Wollongong 4:37 Read by Heather James
Ella with the Shining Hair 3:28 Read by Heather James
The Barcoo 1:45 Read by Heather James
Bells Beyond the Forest 3:57 Read by Larry Wilson
Ulmarra 1:58 Read by Heather James
The Maid of Gerringong 9:01 Read by Heather James
Watching 3:24 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Opossum-Hunters 3:11 Read by Heather James
In the Depths of a Forest 1:18 Read by Leonard Wilson
To Charles Harpur 1:28 Read by Algy Pug
The River and the Hill 1:44 Read by Algy Pug
The Fate of the Explorers 6:31 Read by Algy Pug
Lurline 1:47 Read by Algy Pug
Under the Figtree 2:17 Read by Algy Pug
Drowned at Sea 2:55 Read by Larry Wilson
Morning in the Bush 3:43 Read by Peter Tucker
The Girl I Left Behind Me 2:32 Read by Leonard Wilson
Amongst the Roses 1:36 Read by Lilian Elizabeth
Sunset 2:00 Read by Peter Tucker
Doubting 2:46 Read by Larry Wilson
Geraldine 1:29 Read by Peter Tucker
Achan 1:55 Read by Peter Tucker