The Story of Sir Walter Raleigh (Version 2)

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The story of Sir Walter Raleigh from his boyhood days to his exploits in Ireland and his unexpected entry into the court of Queen Elizabeth. We travel with him as he pursues the ships of the Spanish Armada and makes voyages to the New World in search of gold and lands to settle. We learn how he introduced potatoes and tobacco to England and Ireland. We hear how he is relegated to the Tower of London where he spends the last years of his life. The Story of Sir Walter Raleigh is a wonderful adventure. (Summary by johnb2) (2 hr 16 min)


Dedication and Chapter 1: The Devon Sailors and Their Strange Stories 6:09 Read by Aaron M. Lebowitz
Chapter 2: Raleigh's First Adventures 10:05 Read by Aaron M. Lebowitz
Chapter 3: Raleigh and the Queen 15:26 Read by John
Chapter 4: The Spanish Armada 12:15 Read by John
Chapter 5: Raleigh's Ships 18:56 Read by John
Chapter 6: Westward Ho! 19:44 Read by John
Chapter 7: A Fight by Sea and Land 10:43 Read by John
Chapter 8: Raleigh and his Enemies 13:05 Read by John
Chapter 9: In the Tower 8:20 Read by John
Chapter 10: Raleigh's Last Voyage 9:07 Read by John
Chapter 11: Raleigh's Death 12:13 Read by John


(5 stars)

good history there. the reader is a but hard to listen to, but I've found if I speed it up about 25 percent, its makes it pretty good