Imaginotions - Truthless Tales

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(4.5 stars; 12 reviews)

This is a collection of short stories by Tudor Jenks. Those stories are all written and composed in the way of a fairy tale, but they are not primarily aimed at children. The stories contain excellent satire, and are generally very funny and enjoyable. - Summary by Carolin (5 hr 50 min)


Prehistoric Photography 21:37 Read by Dan Gurzynski
The Tongaloo Tournament 22:39 Read by Dan Gurzynski
The Dragon's Story 14:33 Read by Alitheia
A Duel in a Desert 17:51 Read by Sheogorath
The Sequel 20:26 Read by Kieren Metts
A Lost Opportunity 23:48 Read by Mike Hill
The Astrologer's Niece 16:29 Read by Jarad Bond
The Astrologer's Niece Marries 21:59 Read by Jarad Bond
The Winning of Vanella 23:01 Read by Kieren Metts
The Professor and the Patagonian Giant 13:26 Read by Scotty Smith
The Prince's Councilors 19:37 Read by Sheogorath
Teddy and the Wolf 14:18 Read by Kate Follis
Little Plunkett's Cousin 22:18 Read by Jason in Panama
Professor Chipmunk's Surprising Adventure 14:30 Read by thestorygirl
The Satchel 20:51 Read by James Pyle
Good Neighbors 21:34 Read by James Pyle
Anthony and the Ancients 16:15 Read by THBosc
A Yarn of Sailor Ben's 17:22 Read by Scotty Smith
The Statue 8:13 Read by thestorygirl



(4 stars)

I didn't read all of the stories as quite a number of the narrators weren't to my taste. However, I loved each of the stories that I did listen to and hope to find more by this author. This book is described as being a book of fairy tales for adults. They were fun, silly tales without any real point to them except enjoyment and light parodying. There's nothing really adult about them, except for the fact that the humour might be lost on younger readers. So it really is a book for all ages.

(5 stars)

I was not sure what to expect when I downloaded this but I am glad that I did. A curious collection of superbly read stories. Thank you to all the readers

(5 stars)

nice light hearted and amusing stories