Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes

Read by Andy Harrington

(4.5 stars; 65 reviews)

The story of an exciting test of wits between world-class thief Arsène Lupin and master detective Herlock Sholmes. Translated from the French. - Summary by Andy Harrington (6 hr 42 min)


CHAPTER I. Lottery Ticket No. 514 51:30 Read by Andy Harrington
CHAPTER II. The Blue Diamond 48:41 Read by Andy Harrington
CHAPTER III. Herlock Sholmes Opens Hostilities 46:27 Read by Andy Harrington
CHAPTER IV. Light in the Darkness 40:01 Read by Andy Harrington
CHAPTER V. An Abduction 49:33 Read by Andy Harrington
CHAPTER VI. Second Arrest of Arsène Lupin 49:04 Read by Andy Harrington
CHAPTER VII. The Jewish Lamp 55:23 Read by Andy Harrington
CHAPTER VIII. The Shipwreck 1:02:16 Read by Andy Harrington


Wonderful reading!

(5 stars)

The narrator is excellent. Great characterizations and expressions of the characters. I felt like the characters were doing the speaking. Bravo! The story is fun, although the author pokes fun at Sherlo... er, I mean, Herlock Sholmes. It's a good caricature of Conan Doyle's character, with some pointed differences (not caring a whit about his sidekick when he's injured, etc.) Lupin appears the smarter of the two, which should be natural since we're on Lupin's home turf rather than in London, and the story is coming from a French writer over an English one. This one is worth a listen if you would like a parody on Sherlock Holmes. :)

Ok, but not great

(2.5 stars)

The reader does have a nice reading voice and reads with a good tempo and with excellent expression. However, the pronunciation errors and the corny, inaccurate French (quasi German) accents were distracting to the point of pulling me out of the story.


(5 stars)

That was an excellent reading, with all the required vocalizations of the various characters in the story. Good job, well done. It treats Holmes with respect, but as expected, it's a satire and a funny take on the detective story of its time.

Simple and entertaining

(3.5 stars)

All on all an entertaining story, though a little simple in some spots. The reader does an excellent job, one of the best I've heard at LibriVox to date.

Charming Story

(5 stars)

I enjoyed the story and the reader. Has anyone tried to make it into a move?


(5 stars)

Excellent voice acting! Chapter VIII is one of my favorite scenes in the Lupin series

(2.5 stars)

Lively , intriguing, however ; a bit slow and condescending. A good read👍


(5 stars)

The matching of adverseries! French ingenuity v British genius.