The Book of Wonder

Read by Greg Elmensdorp

(4.3 stars; 35 reviews)

"Come with me, ladies and gentlemen who are in any wise weary of London: come with me: and those that tire at all of the world we know: for we have new worlds here." - Lord Dunsany, the preface to "The Book of Wonder" (2 hr 29 min)


Preface & The Bride of the Man-Horse 12:06 Read by Greg Elmensdorp
Distressing Tale of Thangobrind The Jeweller 9:36 Read by Greg Elmensdorp
The House of the Sphinx 6:47 Read by Greg Elmensdorp
Probable Adventure of the Three Literary Men 9:50 Read by Greg Elmensdorp
The Injudicious Prayers of Pombo the Idolater 9:08 Read by Greg Elmensdorp
The Loot of Bombasharna 10:50 Read by Greg Elmensdorp
Miss Cubbidge and the Dragon Of Romance 7:35 Read by Greg Elmensdorp
The Quest of the Queen's Tears 13:00 Read by Greg Elmensdorp
The Hoard of the Gibbelins 10:29 Read by Greg Elmensdorp
How Nuth Would Have Practised His Art Upon the Gnoles 12:01 Read by Greg Elmensdorp
How One Came, As Was Foretold, to the City Of Never 12:00 Read by Greg Elmensdorp
The Coronation of Mr. Thomas Shap 11:41 Read by Greg Elmensdorp
Chu-Bu and Sheemish 10:41 Read by Greg Elmensdorp
The Wonderful Window & Epilogue 14:10 Read by Greg Elmensdorp


Book of Wonder

(5 stars)

This is my absolute favorite audiobook!! Listening to Lord Dunsany being read is like hearing a dream unfold. I listen to it before bed at night because it is simply facinating to hear the tales' intricate details and nuances. If you ever enjoyed your own imagination, this audio book is great for a lulling tale during a rainy Sunday at home.

A good book

(3 stars)

You need to be patient with this one: it's like Lovecraft in that the author has never met an adjective he can't fit in somewhere. The stories are good, but deliberately don't have satisfactory narrative forms, which makes them more like the abrupt folktales sometimes found in oral collections. The read is lingering and monotonous. During the first story I wanted the reader to do more with his voice, but from the second onward, it had an odd effect on me, like a person chanting a story they had spoken thousands of times before, which added fidelity to these stories of unknown gods, so I grew to really like it, as one of those choices I did not know I'd enjoy until I tried.

I'm sure it's good reading...

(3 stars)

I'm sure this book is good to read, but as an audio book it doesn't seem to work quite as well. Dunsany's prose (lengthy, complex sentences) is a little too much to track through completion. The reader does a fine job, but is generally a bit monotone and the pacing is a little slow for me. I also think I'd pronounce if you were the words differently but that's more personal than incorrect. Overall a good listen but probably a better read.

Greats stories, Great reader

(5 stars)

I think the reader is under rated, after reading others reviews. His reading style matches the stories very well, and people should be thankful that someone spent their time to make this audiobook. The stories themselves are compact and perfectly crafted, I enjoyed hearing them again and again. Wish I could hear him read- A Dreamers Tales, by Lord Dunsany.

(5 stars)

I don't think there's a best way to narrate Dunsany, but i think Greg really did a great job. his style is kind of detached in a way I felt made the fantastic nature of the stories seem dreamlike

far out !

(5 stars)

A magical mix of fantasy and myth. Let your imagination free. I thought the reader did a great job in tone and clarity and was disappointed he hadn't recorded any more.

Out of the Mists!

(5 stars)

A really great listening experience. The stretch of imagination in tales of whom all the characters are new but familiar.

great voice

(5 stars)

I love this Reader! I would love to hear him read all the Dunsany.