Betty Baird

Read by Holly Jenson

(4.5 stars; 32 reviews)

This is the first book in the Betty Baird Series of boarding school books, a genre which was popular among young girls in the early 1900s. Our heroine, Betty Baird, who is herself obsessed with reading boarding school books, is sent away to The Pines, a boarding school where at first she is ridiculed by some of the wealthier and more popular students. As time goes on, Betty silences her foes with her unique and captivating personality, and she and her new friends have many lighthearted adventures during their days at The Pines. Anna Hamlin Wikel (pen name Weikel) was herself raised by a learned clergyman, Benjamin Baird Hamlin, upon whom the character of Betty Baird's father is based. The reader is the great grand niece of the author. (Holly Jenson) (5 hr 4 min)


Betty Hears the Great News 16:02 Read by Holly Jenson
The Secret 8:58 Read by Holly Jenson
Dear Old Miss Jane 13:06 Read by Holly Jenson
At Last the Day! 18:26 Read by Holly Jenson
Her Unexpected Welcome 11:20 Read by Holly Jenson
The Challenge 17:46 Read by Holly Jenson
A Roommate 10:24 Read by Holly Jenson
The Duel - After All 10:27 Read by Holly Jenson
Her First Reception 20:44 Read by Holly Jenson
Hallowe'en 13:44 Read by Holly Jenson
The Play 27:04 Read by Holly Jenson
At Home for Christmas 7:13 Read by Holly Jenson
A Feast, a Trial, a New Teacher 27:40 Read by Holly Jenson
Miss Jane's "Seed Picter" 13:54 Read by Holly Jenson
The Order of the Cup 16:28 Read by Holly Jenson
The Return of the Shipwrecked Mariner 26:17 Read by Holly Jenson
The Masquerade 11:28 Read by Holly Jenson
The Class Election 9:17 Read by Holly Jenson
Betty and Lois Talk Over the Summer 7:03 Read by Holly Jenson
Her Commencement 17:18 Read by Holly Jenson


Anna Hamlin Weikel has obviously based this first book in the Betty Baird series on people and events from her life. Anna Hamlin was the daughter of Dr. Benjamin Baird Hamlin so she herself was minister's daughter. I recommend this book for anyone interested in the daily lives and education of women in the early 1900's. Holly Jenson's reading of the book is perfect for the subject matter and she makes the characters and events come alive. I felt that I was eavesdropping on Betty and her family's conversations!

(5 stars)

Light hearted adventure

(4 stars)

This book takes a person back to a more innocent time. The main character is a likable, intelligent girl making her way at school away from her parents for the first time. The story made me smile. The reader as expressive and fun. She seemed to really enjoy the characters. I loved it!

(5 stars)

Very well read, a definite plus! A cute story about a simpler time. It’s worth a listen, has its amusing moments!


(5 stars)

A lovely book about a good & smart old fashioned girl.

(5 stars)

it's a light and entertaining story.