The Trembling of a Leaf

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(2.4 stars; 7 reviews)

A collection of short stories on the South Sea Islands, among which are the famous "Red," "Rain," and "The Fall of Edward Barnard," the last of which contains the basic story of what came to be one of the most well-known among W. Somerset Maugham's novels, The Razor's Edge. - Summary by Lilith Branda (7 hr 43 min)


Epigraph & Pacific 2:53 Read by OCTL7
Mackintosh Part 1 47:31 Read by OCTL7
Mackintosh Part 2 36:48 Read by OCTL7
The Fall of Edward Barnard Part 1 37:00 Read by OCTL7
The Fall of Edward Barnard Part 2 40:09 Read by OCTL7
Red 55:15 Read by OCTL7
The Pool Part 1 43:57 Read by OCTL7
The Pool Part 2 49:08 Read by OCTL7
Honolulu 58:31 Read by OCTL7
Rain Part 1 51:16 Read by OCTL7
Rain Part 2 39:58 Read by OCTL7
Envoi 1:28 Read by OCTL7


(4 stars)

Contrary to other reviewers I found this reading to be excellent. The reader has a beautiful tone that is refreshing to listen to, and reads with clear meaning. Perhaps it depends where in the Pacific you come from. It is a welcome change from heavy American accents reading English novels.


(0.5 stars)

SOMEBODY PLEASE DO A 2nd VERSION. Gave up before first chapter was finished. I was straining every nerve to understand the words. Not only was the reading made unintelligible by her thick accent...the narrator whispered. Who runs this service? Who is the decision maker? Does anyone take seriously the constant flood of complaints about atrocious performances? The LibriVox staff is strange. They are tone deaf or they don’t give a damn. Certainly they have no respect for the books they are slaughtering for posterity.

(2 stars)

I love his style of writing and was eager to listen to them all but what a disappointment that I have to try to make out what the reader with a foreign accent tries to say.....did not finish listening..too furious