The Ontario Readers: Fourth Book

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

A fourth grade English textbook published by the Minister of Education for Ontario in 1909. This reader features various pieces of Poetry and Prose by well known authors of the time. - Summary by David Lawrence (9 hr 36 min)


Acknowledgments 3:23 Read by David Lawrence
The Children's Song/Our Country 2:26 Read by Rosalind Walsh
Tom Tulliver At School 9:24 Read by Rosalind Walsh
Ingratitude 0:50 Read by Larry Wilson
The Giant 1:15 Read by BettyB
The Discovery Of America 7:30 Read by Rosalind Walsh
The First Day of Spring 1:36 Read by Melissa Perry
The Battle of the Pipes 7:57 Read by Rosalind Walsh
Bega 2:52 Read by Rosalind Walsh
A Musical Instrument 2:40 Read by Melissa Perry
Wolfe and Montcalm 13:03 Read by Rosalind Walsh
Canada 2:11 Read by Rosalind Walsh
Scrooge's Christmas 15:34 Read by Larry Wilson
Hands All Around 1:57 Read by phxtopdog
Judah's Supplication to Joseph 6:43 Read by Rosalind Walsh
Miriam's Song 1:06 Read by Robin Lamb
The Destruction of Sennacherib 1:44 Read by Robin Lamb
The Lark at The Diggings 5:26 Read by phxtopdog
The Ancient Mariner 4:00 Read by Larry Wilson
At the Close of the French Period in Canada 12:31 Read by BettyB
A Hymn of Empire 2:07 Read by Rosalind Walsh
Story of Absalom 6:14 Read by Rosalind Walsh
The Burial of Moses 3:46 Read by Larry Wilson
The Crusader and The Saracen 11:55 Read by Steve C
from ''An August Reverie'' 2:16 Read by Melissa Perry
Work and Wages 3:50 Read by BettyB
Untrodden Ways 2:09 Read by Alitheia
The First Ploughing 1:51 Read by Alitheia
The Archery Contest 8:23 Read by Garth Burton
In November 0:56 Read by Alitheia
Autumn Woods 2:35 Read by Anne Fletcher
In A Canoe 7:05 Read by The Voice before the Void
Afton Water 2:11 Read by Anne Fletcher
David Copperfield's First Journey Alone 10:20 Read by James K. White
The Barefoot Boy 4:41 Read by phxtopdog
Country Life in Canada in the ''Thirties'' 8:01 Read by BettyB
Heat 2:53 Read by Anne Fletcher
The Two Paths 1:26 Read by Larry Wilson
Bernardo Del Carpio 5:12 Read by phxtopdog
Moses' Bargains 6:49 Read by Rosalind Walsh
The Maple 1:56 Read by Abby
The Greenwood Tree 1:18 Read by Rosalind Walsh
Lake Superior 3:26 Read by BettyB
The Red River Plain 3:00 Read by BettyB
The Unnamed Lake 2:27 Read by Alitheia
Life In Norman England 8:09 Read by Garth Burton
Ye Mariners of England 2:57 Read by Steve C
Instruction 1:48 Read by Larry Wilson
Home Thoughts from Abroad 1:26 Read by Rosalind Walsh
The Bells of Shandon 2:39 Read by BettyB
The Vision of Mirzah 11:49 Read by phxtopdog
Forbearance 0:56 Read by Melissa Perry
Mercy To Animals 1:27 Read by April6090
The United Empire Loyalists 4:58 Read by Rosalind Walsh
Oft, In the Stilly Night 2:41 Read by The Voice before the Void
The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls 1:09 Read by Rosalind Walsh
Hudson Strait 4:52 Read by BettyB
Scots Wha Hae 1:46 Read by Nemo
St. Ambrose Crew Win Their First Race 10:58 Read by ToddHW
Hunting Song 1:55 Read by April6090
Border Ballad 1:15 Read by ToddHW
The Great Northern Driver 6:01 Read by BettyB
To The Cuckoo 1:42 Read by Rosalind Walsh
On The Grasshopper and Cricket 1:11 Read by Rosalind Walsh
The Great Northwest 6:20 Read by BettyB
Rule, Britannia 1:45 Read by Rosalind Walsh
The Commandment and The Reward 1:21 Read by Larry Wilson
The Spacious Firmament 1:26 Read by Larry Wilson
June 2:53 Read by Rosalind Walsh
The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor 12:02 Read by Garth Burton
Ocean 4:11 Read by Larry Wilson
Pontiac's Attempt to Capture Fort Detroit 10:33 Read by phxtopdog
My Native Land 1:18 Read by Rosalind Walsh
Morning on the Lievre 2:17 Read by BettyB
Evening 1:26 Read by Alitheia
An Elizabethan Seaman 9:11 Read by Rosalind Walsh
The Sea-King's Burial 5:55 Read by Larry Wilson
My Castles in Spain 10:58 Read by The Voice before the Void
Aladdin 1:05 Read by Rosalind Walsh
Drake's Voyage Round the World 15:58 Read by phxtopdog
The Solitary Reaper 1:45 Read by Rosalind Walsh
Clouds, Rains, and Rivers 10:50 Read by Larry Wilson
Fitz-James and Roderick Dhu 9:03 Read by Nemo
The Indignation of Nicholas Nickleby 14:46 Read by phxtopdog
Dickens in the Camp 2:47 Read by Larry Hansen
Dost Thou Look Back On What Hath Been 1:43 Read by Larry Wilson
The Passing of Arthur 7:55 Read by Robin Lamb
The Armada 7:01 Read by Nemo
Departure and Death of Nelson 12:21 Read by Lyre
Waterloo 4:19 Read by Kalynda
Ode Written in 1746 1:28 Read by Rosalind Walsh
Balaklava 9:44 Read by ToddHW
Funeral for Wellington 2:17 Read by BettyB
In A Cave With a Whale 15:42 Read by The Voice before the Void
The Glove and The Lions 2:38 Read by Larry Hansen
Three Scenes in the Tyrol 9:39 Read by phxtopdog
Marston Moor 4:51 Read by Diana Schmidt
London 7:56 Read by Steve C
How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix 3:56 Read by BettyB
An Incident of the French Camp 2:06 Read by Kalynda
British Colonial and Naval Power 7:19 Read by Lazlo
England, My England 2:55 Read by Nemo
A Good Time Going 3:02 Read by Larry Wilson
God is Our Refuge 2:13 Read by Larry Wilson
Indian Summer 3:58 Read by Melissa Perry
The Skylark 1:28 Read by Diana Schmidt
What is War 3:31 Read by Lazlo
The Homes of England 2:05 Read by Rosalind Walsh
To a Water-Fowl 1:57 Read by Larry Wilson
The Fascination of Light 4:43 Read by April6090
Daffodils 1:54 Read by Anne Fletcher
To the Dandelion 0:51 Read by Larry Wilson
True Greatness 6:35 Read by Rosalind Walsh
The Private of the Bluffs 2:43 Read by Steve C
Honourable Toil 3:06 Read by April6090
On His Blindness 1:35 Read by Larry Wilson
Mysterious Night 1:13 Read by April6090
Vitaï Lampada 1:42 Read by Rosalind Walsh
The Irreparable Past 7:11 Read by Larry Wilson
A Christmas Hymn, 1837 3:56 Read by BettyB
The Quarrel 8:13 Read by Larry Wilson
Recessional 2:01 Read by Larry Wilson