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This is another of the popular books that Lafcadio Hearn wrote on various Japanese subjects. The first part "Stories From Strange Books" is a collection of Japanese tales about ghosts and strange occurrences. In the second part "Japanese Studies", Hearn discourses on cicadae, girl's names, and Japanese songs. The third part "Fantasies" are stories and essays on various topics written by Hearn himself. - Summary by Availle

DPLs for this project were ChuckW and Isana. (5 hr 4 min)


STORIES FROM STRANGE BOOKS I The Reconciliation 10:10 Read by Availle
II A Legend of Fugen-Bosatsu 7:32 Read by Isana
III The Screen-Maiden 8:17 Read by Jennifer Fournier
IV The Corpse-Rider 7:52 Read by Larry Wilson
V The Sympathy of Benten 16:53 Read by Risa Tsunagi
VI The Gratitude of the Samébito 13:34 Read by Larry Wilson
JAPANESE STUDIES I Sémi, Part 1 21:11 Read by Larry Wilson
I Sémi, Part 2 19:15 Read by Larry Wilson
II Japanese Female Names, Part 1 21:50 Read by Larry Wilson
II Japanese Female Names, Part 2 36:44 Read by Larry Wilson
II Japanese Female Names, Part 3 13:25 Read by Larry Wilson
III Old Japanese Songs 45:38 Read by Larry Wilson
FANTASIES I Noctilucæ 5:33 Read by Isana
II A Mystery of Crowds 11:10 Read by Availle
III Gothic Horror 15:25 Read by realisticspeakers
IV Levitation 10:34 Read by Rich Burgess
V Nightmare-Touch 16:06 Read by Rich Burgess
VI Readings from a Dream-book 17:39 Read by Eva Davis
VII In a Pair of Eyes 6:00 Read by Rich Burgess