The Pocket Measure

Read by TriciaG

(4.6 stars; 84 reviews)

Three young women are the central characters in this story. Callie and her husband are poor, but they are frugal, spending using God's principles, and they reserve a tenth for God's work. Eva's husband makes more than double what Callie's husband makes, but that doesn't keep them from sinking beneath a load of debt. Even worse, she feels that her husband thinks it's her fault - and she thinks it is, too. She's an inexperienced housekeeper and doesn't know where the money goes. Happy-go-lucky Jennie wants to marry a rich man, so that her married life can be filled with parties, gaiety and pretty things. Will Coleman is poor, and not a Christian, but he's SO gentlemanly and romantic... (Summary by TriciaG) (10 hr 4 min)


The Sum Total 20:20 Read by TriciaG
Their Jewels 21:50 Read by TriciaG
Cake and Benevolence 22:08 Read by TriciaG
Cake Mathematically Considered 20:36 Read by TriciaG
Interrogation Points 19:20 Read by TriciaG
A Social Problem 20:04 Read by TriciaG
Measuring Brains and Hearts 19:59 Read by TriciaG
Subtle Distinctions 22:02 Read by TriciaG
''Yet Lackest Thou--'' 21:16 Read by TriciaG
They Measuring Themselves by Themselves are not Wise 19:35 Read by TriciaG
Perfect Love Casteth out Fear 21:11 Read by TriciaG
Conflicting Duties 18:57 Read by TriciaG
Seed Sown on Thorny Ground 18:02 Read by TriciaG
A Problem 19:31 Read by TriciaG
Measuring Character 20:11 Read by TriciaG
''Last Night'' Measured by Daylight 20:05 Read by TriciaG
An Open Door 20:29 Read by TriciaG
Serving Christ in the Kitchen 21:24 Read by TriciaG
The Ends Meet 22:25 Read by TriciaG
Measured by Trial 23:07 Read by TriciaG
The Answer 22:07 Read by TriciaG
Measuring Human Influence 21:25 Read by TriciaG
Measuring Responsibility 21:40 Read by TriciaG
Measured in Prose 20:28 Read by TriciaG
Shirking Responsibility 21:57 Read by TriciaG
Measuring Enthusiasm 21:21 Read by TriciaG
Measuring Sacrifices 19:37 Read by TriciaG
Then and Now 21:01 Read by TriciaG
''Good Measure'' 22:27 Read by TriciaG


another good book by pansy

(5 stars)

once again Pansy digs into the issues of life that truly matter: BTW this is what she writes! no need to be surprised to find God and morality in the center of any Pansy book! Rather, I'd be shocked to find a story by her that lacked these themes. Tricia G as usual reads well, without calling attention to herself; evenly, with her characteristic cadence that is all her own. The 3 women in the story were a Delight to meet. although at times, i wanted to weep with them in their sorrows, yet there was plenty of opportunity to rejoice with them as well. Well done.

timeless advice from the Bible on integrity

(5 stars)

I love Pansy stories. Her characters are well-drawn, perhaps a bit too sweet but giving one something to aspire to as a Christian woman. I hope I can keep the inspiration of handling money that is in this novel. God’s economy is not the world’s economy, but I can trust Him with my finances as well as with my life.

after dozens of listening... still a great work

(5 stars)


(1.5 stars)

A very legalistic view of religion not a Christian life. It almost seems as though she would condemn Christ him self for saying it is right to do good on the sabbath. Letting a baby get down to almost the point of dying is irresponsible and to not think it right to use money they had to help the baby. But it was ok to let someone else use theirs. Disappointing

Uplifting and Encouraging

(5 stars)

A very good journey about walking rightly with a selfless heart. The Pansy books always challenge me to look at my own life and want to improve it. I am grateful for the reader who always chooses edifying books to read. Wonderful job!

Amazing lovely story

(5 stars)

Absolutely LOVED my first ever book read/ listened to by Author Pansy. Referred to by listening to Grace Livingstone Hill books.. sharpened and challenged my Christian walk, just by listening.

Outstanding job

(5 stars)

Another outstanding job by Isabella! What a challenge to our thinking of giving and sacrifice for the Lord. Thank you very much Trisha for reading. You do such a wonderful job!

(5 stars)

Superior book about contentment and home economics. I will definitely be reading this again.