Bible (YLT) 09: 1 Samuel

Read by Mark Penfold

(4.4 stars; 6 reviews)

The First Book of Samuel ushers in the era of kings, notably Saul and David, who represent the battle between the kingdoms of law and grace, between flesh and spirit, between disingenuous apology for sins and Godly repentence. The imperfect, but Godly, King David is seen in stark contrast to the bragging, self-exalting, and carnal rule of King Saul. This book is a drama fit for the theater, a story of love and devotion, of courage and cowardice, war and peace. But, most of all, this book and its companion second book are metaphors for the Kingdom of God and the coming of Him who is to sit on David's throne. Prepare for a truly epic journey with the First Book of Samuel. - Summary by Mark Penfold (2 hr 44 min)


Chapters 1-5 24:16 Read by Mark Penfold
Chapters 6-10 23:35 Read by Mark Penfold
Chapters 11-15 30:12 Read by Mark Penfold
Chapters 16-20 34:29 Read by Mark Penfold
Chapters 21-25 27:04 Read by Mark Penfold
Chapters 26-31 25:00 Read by Mark Penfold