Three Days On The Ohio River

Read by David Wales

(3.7 stars; 13 reviews)

This 1854 narration of a trip upon the Ohio River in a steamboat from Cincinnati to Pittsburg gives a picture of travel in a different time and almost a different United States. The author was well-known in his time and wrote prolifically. - Summary by david wales (0 hr 48 min)


Part 1: Chapters 1-7 21:53 Read by David Wales
Part 2: Chapters 8-15 26:23 Read by David Wales


What a Ride!

(5 stars)

What a pleasant three days ride on the Ohio River. And, by Stream Boat. The writer did a grand job in detailing his journey and yet keeping it in short form. However, to my surprise, this educated writer was a Christian as well. And, he spoke of his experience of the variety of Christians that were aboard the Pittsburgh as well as the variety of other. I was easily able to close my eyes and place myself upon this wonderful steamer. The Narrator was splendid and well spoken. He himself sounded as though it was him on this mighty river aboard this ship. If there could be one negative thought in my experience, it would be that this wonderful trip back in time was but short. I could have taken to this for several more hours. I highly recommend this Book and the Narrator. It's somewhat of a different spin out of the world in which Mark Twain himself writes about.