Kate Bonnet

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"She carried a fishing rod and line, and her name was Kate Bonnet. She was a bright-faced, quick-moving young person, and apparently did not expect to catch many fish, for she had no basket in which to carry away her finny prizes." It was the first quarter of the seventeenth century in Barbados, and Mistress Kate was the pretty daughter of a notorious pirate with her eye on a young, handsome and prosperous farmer. This is an account of the fictional daughter of infamous crony of Blackbeard, Stede Bonnet (whose only real-life daughter was named Mary). - Summary by Lynne Thompson (10 hr 43 min)


Two Young People, A Ship and A Fish 14:33 Read by jenno
A Fruit-Basket and A Friend 21:13 Read by jenno
The Two Clocks 15:31 Read by jenno
On The Quarter-Deck 19:17 Read by jenno
An Unsuccessful Errand 18:15 Read by jenno
A Pair of Shoes and Stockings 13:47 Read by jenno
Kate Plans 11:46 Read by VivianWeaver
Ben Greenway is Convinced Bonnet is a Pirate 29:54 Read by VivianWeaver
Dickory Sets Forth 17:52 Read by VivianWeaver
Captain Christopher Vince 20:27 Read by VivianWeaver
Bad Weather 7:19 Read by Kalynda
Face to Face 10:46 Read by Kalynda
Captain Bonnet Goes to Church 23:33 Read by Gloria Begemann
A Girl to the Front 5:20 Read by jenno
The Governor of Jamaica 13:07 Read by jenno
A Question of Etiquette 21:59 Read by jenno
An Ornamented Beard 11:32 Read by Gloria Begemann
I Have No Right; I am a Pirate 15:01 Read by Gloria Begemann
The First New Lieutenant 24:01 Read by Gloria Begemann
One North, One South 10:39 Read by Gloria Begemann
A Projected Marriage 12:45 Read by Gloria Begemann
Blade to Blade 25:02 Read by Meg Turecek
The Address of the Letter 10:22 Read by Meg Turecek
Belize 20:44 Read by Meg Turecek
Wise Mr. Delaplaine 23:19 Read by Meg Turecek
Dickory Stretches His Legs 6:52 Read by Meg Turecek
A Girl Who Laughed 25:48 Read by Meg Turecek
Lucilla's Ship 20:01 Read by Meg Turecek
Captain Ichabod 20:10 Read by Meg Turecek
Dame Charter Makes a Friend 17:24 Read by Meg Turecek
Mr. Delaplaine Leads a Boarding Party 18:17 Read by Meg Turecek
The Delivery of the Letter 28:00 Read by Meg Turecek
Blackbeard Gives Greenway Some Difficult Work 10:40 Read by Meg Turecek
Captain Thomas of the Royal James 13:11 Read by Meg Turecek
A Chapter of Happenings 11:39 Read by Meg Turecek
The Tide Decides 18:25 Read by Meg Turecek
Bonnet and Greenway Part Company 8:56 Read by Lynne T
Again Dickory Was There 5:22 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Blessings Which Come From the Death of the Wicked 4:59 Read by Kathleen Moore
Captain Ichabod Puts the Case 15:53 Read by Lynne T


Entertaining story

(5 stars)

I enjoyed the story and the readers, keep up the good work!


(5 stars)

great adventure story and assortment of great readers. thank you all

great old story

(5 stars)

And very humorous in its own quiet way.