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This well-written novel is a fictional account of a true historical rescue mission. In 1719, at the age of 17, when she was on her way across Europe to marry James Stuart, the Catholic pretender to the British throne, Princess Maria Clementina Sobieska was kidnapped and held prisoner by Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, with the approval of his ally, the Protestant king of England. The king feared that the marriage would produce heirs who might raise a rebellion against the Crown, though Stuart’s own rebellion had failed four years earlier. But Irish soldier of fortune and Stuart's ablest spy, hatches a daring plot to rescue the princess. Filled with spies, romance, palace intrigue and uncertain loyalties, this is the story of how Charles Wogan, once indicted for High Treason in Protestant England, set out to play his part on the international stage. Failure would mean certain death at the hands of Wogan's powerful enemies. But would success bring the result he expects? (Jacquerie)

Prooflisteners: Betty M. and Linette Geisel
(9 hr 15 min)


Chapter I, A Chance Meeting, Chapter II, Bad News 25:41 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter III, Wogan Makes a Proposal 17:13 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter IV, Shows That There Are Better Hiding-Places Than a Window-Curtain 35:50 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter V, Shows That A Dishonest Landlord Should Avoid White Paint 28:29 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter VI, Wogan Continues His Journey 37:21 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter VII, Wogan Is Mistaken For A More Notable Man 21:01 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter VIII, At Schlestadt 25:33 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter IX, Gaydon Minds His Own Business 29:48 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter X, A Month Of Waiting, Chapter XI, The Prince Of Baden Visits Clementi… 24:44 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XII, The Night Of The 27th. In The Streets Of Innspruck 19:07 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XIII, The Night Of The 27th. In Clementina's Apartments 27:01 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XIV, The Escape 13:18 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XV, The Flight To Italy: Wogan's City Of Dreams 35:34 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XVI, The Flight To Italy: The Potent Effects Of A Water-Jug 13:57 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XVII, The Flight To Italy: A Growing Cloud 20:09 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XVIII, Wogan and Clementina Continue Their Journey Alone 35:49 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XIX, The Attack At Peri 12:59 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XX, The God Of The Machine Does Not Appear 28:10 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXI, Complications At Bologna 20:50 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXII, Clementina Takes Mr. Wogan to Visit the Caprara Palace 14:46 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXIII, Wogan Learns That He Has Meddled 22:03 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXIV, Maria Vittoria Reappears 28:38 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXV, The Last, and Epilogue 17:42 Read by Jacquerie


(4.5 stars)

A vigorous adventure about a cavalier's daring plan to save an imprisoned princess and spirit her away to marry her betrothed, King James (but not yet) of England. However, emotional rivalries create complications of their own. Mason is most famous for "The Four Feathers" and this novel is a second example of the paramount virtues of honor and duty in the life of a true hero. The politics are not well known to modern audiences, and readers would benefit from an outside source to explain the competing imperial powers. The reader did well with the rather dense prose, but even so I had to revisit the events immediately preceding some of the cliffhanger endings of the chapters. Another "ripping yarn" and an enjoyable classic.


(5 stars)

historical fiction at its finest...we ride along on adventures....cry with heartbreaks...laugh at jokes and enter with caution the lives of the privileged....and leave privileged to have visited.

Connie Green

(5 stars)

Loved the story. The reader did a great job.

Beautifully read

(5 stars)

Sad story, however, beautifully read.

(5 stars)

Well read, kind of melancholy book though

Well read but too many characters!

(4 stars)