Flower-Patch Among the Hills

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After poor health forced Klickmann to move from London to the country, she began writing a series of sketches for The Girl's Own Paper and in 1916 she published the first of a series of books based on them. Her cottage, known in her books as "Rosemary Cottage", had an idyllic country garden and spectacular views over the River Wye and Tintern Abbey. The book, The Flower-Patch Among the Hills, was highly successful; a reprint was needed after two weeks. In later years, she wrote six more Flower Patch books, the stories growing to involve her household and the local people, combining nature description, anecdote, autobiography, religion, and humour. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (7 hr 43 min)


In Memoriam; Just to Explain: Who Everybody Is; Why the Cottage Is; Why the Boo… 7:06 Read by Lynne T
About GettingThere Part 1 25:40 Read by Kathleen Moore
About Getting There Part 2 26:26 Read by Kathleen Moore
At the Sign of the Rosemary Bush 23:28 Read by Lynne T
Miss Quirker -- Incidentally 14:20 Read by Lynne T
The Geography of the Flower-Patch 27:58 Read by Lynne T
That Jane Price! 38:59 Read by April6090
Just Being Neighbourly Part 1 37:52 Read by edamerau
Just Being Neighbourly Part 2 34:40 Read by Annyiee Hill
Merely to be Prepared 41:42 Read by brianna
Where the Road Led Over the Hills 59:17 Read by Kate Follis
The Little People of the Streams 13:25 Read by Nemo
The Funeral of the Hero 7:09 Read by Nemo
Just a Little Piece of Griskin 57:08 Read by Kate Follis
When the Surgeon Crossed the Hills 26:43 Read by Lynne T
In Mildmay Hospital -- An Interlude 6:10 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Return to the Flower-Patch 15:47 Read by Kathleen Moore