The Training of a Forester

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(4.5 stars; 17 reviews)

Written by a forester, this book looks at the definition of "forest", what the life of a forester entails, discusses the forest service both on the state and national levels, and the training required to be a forester. As a forester himself, and the chief of the US Forest Service, Pinchot was a foremost expert in this topic,and, based on his preface to the work, seems to expect this work to either encourage or dissuade young people from a life in forestry. - Summary by KHand (1 hr 58 min)


Preface 2:26 Read by KHand
What Is A Forest? 4:30 Read by KHand
The Forester's Knowledge 1:42 Read by KHand
The Forest and the Nation 3:24 Read by KHand
The Forester's Point of View 3:44 Read by KHand
The Establishment of Forestry 2:27 Read by KHand
The Work of a Forester. The Forest Service 13:41 Read by KHand
The Forest Supervisor 3:13 Read by KHand
The Trained Forester 10:58 Read by KHand
Personal Equipment 17:14 Read by KHand
State Forest Work 4:16 Read by KHand
The Forest Service in Washington 13:59 Read by KHand
Private Forestry 6:28 Read by KHand
Forest Schools 2:21 Read by KHand
The Opportunity 6:02 Read by KHand
Training 21:42 Read by KHand


Worth the Listen!

(5 stars)

Great insight into early American Forestry.

(5 stars)

Australian forester here: fantastic book, good broad understanding of the American forester in years long since past, however, no doubt much is still relative. narration was also great, fast pace, is ideal for adhd listeners.