Five Children and It (version 4)

Read by James Pyle

(4.8 stars; 72 reviews)

When four children (and their baby brother makes five) manage to uncover the long-dormant Psammead (in plain English, then, Sand-Fairy) in a gravel pit, they have the chance of one wish a day that lasts until sunset. But you should be careful what you wish for - as Cyril, Anthea, Robert and Jane find out! (Summary by James Pyle) (5 hr 13 min)


Beautiful as the Day 35:33 Read by James Pyle
Golden Guineas 32:50 Read by James Pyle
Being Wanted 37:23 Read by James Pyle
Wings 33:18 Read by James Pyle
No Wings 18:13 Read by James Pyle
A Castle and No Dinner 24:29 Read by James Pyle
A Siege and Bed 20:15 Read by James Pyle
Bigger Than the Baker's Boy 33:29 Read by James Pyle
Grown Up 25:36 Read by James Pyle
Scalps 27:12 Read by James Pyle
The Last Wish 25:27 Read by James Pyle


five children and it

(5 stars)

I like the book because it has adventure and I like the sand fairy and how it can make wishes!Thank you so much.

(5 stars)

Edith Nesbit is a great writer I love all her books but especially this one sense it was the first one I read. I would say it is definitely a must read

lovely story

(5 stars)

My 6 yo girl and 9yo boy loved it!

loved this book. great job James Pyle . 😊👍👍

(5 stars)


Wonderfully read

(5 stars)

Great quality reader, unique story. if you are a E.Nesbit fan this will not disappoint.

(5 stars)

Excellent reading of this wonderful classic. Thank you

Charming and strange!

(5 stars)

Nesbit’s unique sense of humor shines through. The narrator’s way of reading the children’s parts is a little odd, but not awful.