The Life Story of a Black Bear

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This is the life story of a Black Bear in the western US, as told by the bear himself. He tells of the days when humans began to invade the territory where they and their ancestors had been kings for many eons. - Summary by philip chenevert (4 hr 54 min)


Foreword 3:21 Read by Steve C
HOW I TUMBLED DOWNHILL 12:55 Read by Ricarda
CUBHOOD DAYS 18:55 Read by LT
THE COMING OF MAN 16:37 Read by Kathleen Moore
THE FOREST FIRE 27:32 Read by Wolfen32
I LOSE A SISTER 14:50 Read by cdobbs7
LIFE IN CAMP 33:25 Read by jimsvox4
THE PARTING OF THE WAYS 19:18 Read by Steve C
ALONE IN THE WORLD 19:53 Read by Wayne Anderson
I FIND A COMPANION 20:06 Read by jimsvox4
A VISIT TO THE OLD HOME 19:27 Read by jimsvox4
THE TROUBLES OF A FATHER 23:32 Read by jimsvox4
WIPING OUT OLD SCORES 19:38 Read by jimsvox4
THE TRAP 27:29 Read by jimsvox4
IN THE HANDS OF MAN 17:45 Read by jimsvox4



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This… is a gift from heaven.