My Strange Rescue

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(3.6 stars; 5 reviews)

An anthology of short stories, anecdotes and observations of sport and adventure in Canada. Tobogganing, snowshoeing , ice skating and hockey all feature, along with other cold-weather pursuits. (9 hr 50 min)


My Very Strange Rescue 29:00 Read by brianna
A Blessing in Stern Disguise 24:04 Read by brianna
In Peril at Black Run 14:09 Read by brianna
Touch and Go 16:39 Read by Mike Pelton
The Cave in the Cliff 21:09 Read by Lynne T
Tobogganing 16:05 Read by orschiro
A Mic-Mac Cinderella 15:57 Read by Carol Pelster
Blue-Nose Fisher Folk 13:08 Read by Lynne T
Lost on the Limits - A Christmas Story 20:06 Read by Mike Pelton
A Strange Helper 12:51 Read by hbeuph
Forty Miles of Maelstrom 15:43 Read by fshort
The Canadian Children of the Cold 35:08 Read by Shasta
Face to Face with an 'Indian Devil' 13:36 Read by Shasta
In the Nick of Time 12:36 Read by Mike Pelton
Snow-Shoeing 12:23 Read by BettyB
The Swimming Match at the Arm 15:14 Read by Mike Pelton
Harold's Lasting Impression 11:21 Read by Mike Pelton
How Wilberforce Brennan Visited White Bear Castle 24:03 Read by Shasta
Outside the Boom 20:44 Read by Shasta
Found After Many Days 18:02 Read by Mike Pelton
Mrs. Grundy's Gobblers 18:02 Read by mparker
On the Wrong Side of the Snow-Ridge 12:04 Read by mparker
Through the Trackless forest 16:10 Read by fshort
Wrecks and Wreckers of Anticosti 16:02 Read by fshort
A Lumber Camp 13:25 Read by Colleen McMahon
Lacrosse 13:18 Read by Graham Scott
A Pillow-Slip Full of Apples 17:25 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Lost on Lake St. Louis 18:40 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Ice-Skating in Canada 19:42 Read by Gillian Hendrie
The Wild Dogs of Athabasca 13:09 Read by April6090
Birds and Beasts on Sable Island 14:49 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Bore of Minas Basin 14:50 Read by Graham Scott
The Game of Rink Hockey 11:34 Read by Kathleen Moore
On the Edge of the Rapids 14:25 Read by Kathleen Moore
Theo's Tobogganing Triumph 15:05 Read by Kathleen Moore