Bible (YLT) 10: 2 Samuel

Read by Mark Penfold

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The Second Book of Samuel tells us of this David---the son of Jesse, a common shepherd as a boy, a ruddy youth trying to prove his courage and fighting spirit, and now a man with sons of his own---as king of Israel, the man after God's heart, contrite and humble in spirit....and very deeply flawed. As trouble after trouble besets him at every turn, and as he struggles with trials and tribulations, David remains a man of deep and abiding faith in his LORD, the true king over His people Israel. This story reminds us that to be a leader of God's people, one must submit to Him who gave him such awesome authority and responsibility over this chosen nation. (Summary by Mark Penfold) (2 hr 11 min)


Chapters 1-6 30:07 Read by Mark Penfold
Chapters 7-12 26:21 Read by Mark Penfold
Chapters 13-18 38:45 Read by Mark Penfold
Chapters 19-24 36:00 Read by Mark Penfold