Neither Here nor There

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(5 stars; 2 reviews)

Oliver Herford, and American humorist, writer, and illustrator here gives us short vignettes from topics as seemingly insignificant things as the creases in trouser, several pieces on cats, and societal mores and foibles. Each piece is filled with humorous barbs and insights into the human condition. - Summary by Larry Wilson (2 hr 37 min)


The Secret 4:22 Read by Nemo
Our Leisure Class 3:15 Read by DrPGould
Concerning Revolving Doors 4:00 Read by Elanor
Bolshevism for Babies 3:42 Read by DrPGould
The Tutti-Frutti Tree 2:42 Read by Ed Fenton
Those Bill Boards 6:10 Read by Nemo
The Lure of the “Ad” 4:06 Read by Elanor
Look Before She Leaps 4:48 Read by Adir S.
The Low Cost of Cabbing 3:13 Read by Adir S.
The Great Match Box Mystery 5:47 Read by DrPGould
Are Cats People? 6:16 Read by Nemo
Mlle. Fauteuil 3:47 Read by Mindle Hastings
Money and Fireflies 2:55 Read by Mindle Hastings
Concerning the Trouser-Crease 4:29 Read by DrPGould
An Old-Fashioned Heaven 3:07 Read by Larry Wilson
Another Lost Art 2:36 Read by Ed Fenton
Mr. Chesterton and the Soliloquy 2:40 Read by Larry Wilson
Bunk 5:24 Read by Adir S.
The Cost of a Pyramid 6:33 Read by Steve C
Waltzing Mice and Dancing Men 5:03 Read by Adir S.
The Hobgoblin 4:10 Read by Sean McElrath
The Voice of the Pussy-Willow 2:16 Read by DrPGould
Pernicious Peaches 5:11 Read by Larry Wilson
Second Childhood’s Happy Hour 3:38 Read by Mindle Hastings
Pity the Poor Guest of Honour 5:38 Read by Deon Gines
A New Monroe Doctrine 3:04 Read by DrPGould
Do Cats Come Back? 3:16 Read by Nemo
The Ruthlessness of Mr. Cobb 3:08 Read by Adir S.
My Lake 10:30 Read by DrPGould
The Hundredth Amendment 9:04 Read by DrPGould
Say It with Asterisks 22:55 Read by Mindle Hastings