Selected Poems of Francis Thompson

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Francis Thompson, an English poet and author, is best known for his poem "Hound of Heaven," included in this selection of his poems. After submitting some poems to the magazine "Merrie England," the editors, Wilfrid and Alice Meynell, became his benefactors and published his first volume, "Poems." Wilfrid Meynell selected these poems form Thompson's works and provides an enlightening biographical sketch. At the end of this volume are a selection of tributes to Thompson ranging from newspaper reviews to an appreciation from G.K Chesterton. - Summary by Larry Wilson (3 hr 52 min)


A Biographical Note on Francis Thompson 16:43 Read by Larry Wilson
Dedication of Poems/Dedication of New Poems 1:29 Read by Larry Wilson
POEMS ON CHILDREN: Daisy 3:01 Read by Eva Davis
The Poppy 5:01 Read by Eva Davis
To Monica Thought Dying 3:46 Read by Eva Davis
The Making of Viola [duet] 3:29 Read by Eva Davis
To My Godchild 3:50 Read by DrPGould
Ex Ore Infantium 2:25 Read by Kim Gibbs
FROM SISTER SONGS: A Child's Kiss 5:08 Read by Lawton James
Poet and Anchorite 3:08 Read by RajVO
The Omen 3:25 Read by Gauguin
The Mirage 3:17 Read by spiritualbeing
The Child-Woman 4:47 Read by Janis Hopkins Salmon
To a Child Heard Repeating Her Mother's Verses 3:49 Read by Janis Hopkins Salmon
A Foretelling of the Child's Husband 2:33 Read by Janis Hopkins Salmon
LOVE IN DIAN'S LAP: Before her Portrait in Youth 2:28 Read by Lawton James
To a Poet Breaking Silence 2:40 Read by DrPGould
A Carrier Song 2:01 Read by Ellen Murphy
Her Portrait 7:40 Read by Annike Lindhout
Epilogue to the Poet's Sitter 2:42 Read by DrPGould
After Her Going 1:45 Read by Janis Hopkins Salmon
MISCELLANEOUS POEMS: A Fallen Yew 3:51 Read by DrPGould
The Hound of Heaven 8:45 Read by Larry Wilson
To the Dead Cardinal of Westminster 4:42 Read by DrPGould
A Dead Astronomer 1:15 Read by Bruce Kachuk
A Corymbus for Autumn, 6:09 Read by DrPGould
From "The Mistress of Vision" 4:45 Read by Nemo
The After Woman 3:20 Read by Phil Chenevert
Lines: To W.M. 0:56 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Way of a Maid 1:35 Read by elizaswann
Ode to the Setting Sun, 14:17 Read by DrPGould
Epilogue to "A Judgement in Heaven" 1:47 Read by DrPGould
Grace of the Way 1:22 Read by Jude
To a Snowflake 1:07 Read by Jude
Orient Ode 10:53 Read by Gauguin
From "From the Night of Forebeing" 8:21 Read by Gauguin
A Counsel of Moderation 1:12 Read by Bruce Kachuk
From "Assumpta Maria" 3:57 Read by DrPGould
From "An Anthem of Earth" 12:51 Read by Nemo
Contemplation 3:55 Read by DrPGould
Correlated Greatness 1:31 Read by Bruce Kachuk
July Fugitive 4:06 Read by Jude
From "Any Saint" 4:50 Read by Phil Schempf
From "The Victorian Ode" 3:44 Read by DrPGould
St Monica 1:59 Read by Bruce Kachuk
To the Sinking Sun 3:08 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Dream-Tryst 1:33 Read by Roberto Kingsley
Buona Notte 2:30 Read by Emma Charlotte
Arab Love Song 1:20 Read by Emma Charlotte
The Kingdom of God 2:15 Read by Larry Wilson
Envoy 1:33 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Appreciations of Francis Thompson 23:41 Read by Larry Wilson