The Ghost Ship & Other Stories

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(3.3 stars; 26 reviews)

Richard Middleton is one of the many authors who, despite great merit, have been almost entirely forgotten today. This English author was an eminent literary figure in his day, admired by, among others, Edgar Jepson, Arthur Machen, and Raymond Chandler. This collection of short stories contains his best-known short story, The Ghost Ship, a skillfully written horror story. The other stories contained in this collection are not all horror stories, but cover a variety of genres and topics. - Summary by Carolin (5 hr 39 min)


Preface by Arthur Machen 13:09 Read by Nemo
The Ghost-Ship 30:10 Read by Emma Charlotte
A Drama of Youth 27:37 Read by Stephen Paul Paschall
The New Boy 35:43 Read by Michael Fassio
On the Brighton Road 11:17 Read by Steve C
A Tragedy in Little 19:28 Read by Stephen Paul Paschall
Shepherd's Boy 5:43 Read by Beau Wood
The Passing of Edward 9:25 Read by Nemo
The Story of a Book 38:18 Read by Sarocha T
The Bird in the Garden 10:20 Read by JayS
Children of the Moon 12:30 Read by Jennifer Dallman
The Coffin Merchant 19:53 Read by Steve C
The Soul of a Policeman 19:08 Read by JayS
The Conjurer 11:35 Read by Steve C
The Poet's Allegory 13:56 Read by John
Who Shall Say - ? 8:45 Read by John
The Biography of a Superman 13:33 Read by Michael Fassio
Blue Blood 10:05 Read by JoannaH
Fate and the Artist 9:02 Read by Stephen Paul Paschall
The Great Man 10:41 Read by Stephen Paul Paschall
A Wet Day 9:32 Read by John


(0.5 stars)

Most of the stories just stop without any real ending. I rewound a few thinking that I had missed something but no. I wondered why the partial story was being told after many of them, too. I can't understand why anyone published this book. Listen to a couple just to see how bad these are. There's only one ESL reader that makes you unable to follow that story due to her heavy accent & large amount of mispronounced words.


(1.5 stars)

None of the stories would work! I couldn't hear them about 75% of the time and when I did it was super faint. Believe me I had the volume at max. You might have better luck than me on thhs but I do not think so.

the ghost ship

(3.5 stars)

The ghost ship, excellent story full of atmosphere. the rest really of no consequence whatsoever mostly well read apart from one which was incomprehensible due to the poor English pronunciation of the reader