The Venerable Don Bosco the Apostle of Youth

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This brief sketch of the holy life and marvelous achievements of a great inheritor of the spirit of Saint Francis of Sales, Saint Don Bosco is intended only to stimulate souls to a wider study of this loving Apostle of Youth, and so to a knowledge and reverence and appreciation, we dare to hope, which will urge them onward in the ways of holiness, and make them ardent and practical co-operators in the divine work of saving the young — the most pressing need of our times — initiated by the Founder of the Salesian Society, and brought to wonderful issues through the miraculous power of God and the loving intervention of Mary, Help of Christians.

Saint John Bosco was canonized in 1934 – thus in this book, which was published in 1916, he in only referred to as Venerable. (Summary adapted from the forward of the book) (5 hr 7 min)


Birth and Early Childhood 11:05 Read by KevinS
Education. Vocation to the Priesthood. Ordination 8:48 Read by Phil Chenevert
Bartholomew Garelli. Foundation of the Oratory of St. Francis of Sales 6:54 Read by KevinS
A Typical Sunday. Opposition and Trial. Valdocco. Illness of Don Bosco 9:33 Read by Michael Curran
Margaret Bosco in Valdocco. Success of the Oratory. Attempts on the Life of Don… 7:54 Read by Larry Wilson
Don Bosco's Protector, Grigio 6:15 Read by KevinS
Purchase of Valdocco Property. Church of St. Francis of Sales. The Cholera 9:28 Read by KevinS
The Immaculate Conception. A Catechism Class. Signor Urbain Ratazzi. Prisoners 8:26 Read by John
Death of Mama Margaret 5:54 Read by Larry Wilson
Plan of Studies. Some Remarkable Pupils of Don Bosco 8:30 Read by John
Interior Life of Don Bosco. His Devotion to Mary, Help of Christians 7:43 Read by Hincenbergs
The New Basilica. Don Bosco a Thaumaturgus 8:01 Read by Gordon S. Jones
Don Bosco's Literary Works. Printing Plant. The Salesian Bulletin 12:00 Read by Gordon S. Jones
The Salesian Schools. Don Bosco Persecuted. Testimonials of Government Officials 7:07 Read by Larry Wilson
Vocations Multiply. Orginization of the Salesian Society. Mary Mazzarello 8:18 Read by Larry Wilson
Papal Approbation of the Rules and Constitutions. The Spirit of St. Francis of … 11:17 Read by Larry Wilson
First Foreign Mission. The Argentine Republic. Don Cagliero 11:11 Read by Larry Wilson
The Salesian Apostolate in Patagonia 9:48 Read by Larry Wilson
Two Pictures. The Salesian Co-operators 8:32 Read by Michael Curran
The Salesian Co-operators 6:52 Read by KevinS
Don Bosco's Relations with His Co-operators 8:07 Read by KevinS
Don Bosco in France 9:36 Read by KevinS
Church of the Sacred Heart in Rome. Don Bosco in Spain. 8:34 Read by Michael Curran
Failure in Health. Letter to His Co-operators. Seminary of Foreign Missions 9:40 Read by Carol Pelster
French Pilgrims Visit Don Bosco. Other Visits. Prophecies 11:46 Read by Carol Pelster
Loyalty to the Pope in Life and Death. The Closing Scene 15:09 Read by Carol Pelster
The Venerable Don Bosco's Last Will and Testament Addressed to the Salesian Co-… 8:20 Read by Larry Wilson
A Retrospect. Don Michael Rua, Superior General 9:46 Read by Larry Wilson
After Death 13:52 Read by Susan Morin
Don Bosco is Declared Venerable 8:45 Read by Michael Curran
The Historian of Don Bosco, Don Lemoyne 11:30 Read by Michael Curran
Don Paul Albera. The Present Status of the Society 7:03 Read by KevinS
The Salesian Order in the United States: Eulogy of Don Bosco by the Apostolic D… 12:03 Read by KevinS


(5 stars)

this is a short and excellent biography of an amazingly gifted Italian priest, John Bosco, of the 19th century who devoted his life to educating and providing religious training to street children, mostly boys.