Between the Larch-woods and the Weir

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(3.8 stars; 3 reviews)

Flora Klickmann, a writer for the Girls' Own Paper and The Flower-Patch Among the Hills, brings us another charming volume, combining nature description, anecdote, autobiography, religion, and her own brand of humor in these observations based on her country cottage, neighbors and household. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (7 hr 50 min)


Preamble 9:33 Read by Nemo
Enter Eileen 22:32 Read by Lynne T
“You Never Know” 24:59 Read by jenno
The Hill-Side Trail 19:37 Read by Lynne T
Just Outside the Back-Door 10:14 Read by jenno
Dwellers in the Flower-Patch 39:58 Read by jenno
Only Small Talk 15:51 Read by jenno
A Cold Snap 20:44 Read by Kathleen Moore
Snowdrifts 33:37 Read by Kathleen Moore
Footprints Part 1 44:16 Read by jenno
Footprints Part 2 44:06 Read by jenno
Exit Eileen 3:28 Read by jenno
The Old Wood-House 35:43 Read by jenno
Abigail’s “Lonely Sailor” 48:10 Read by jenno
The Bonfire 31:00 Read by jenno
The Meeting at the Cottage 38:01 Read by jenno
Moon-Gold in the Garden 12:30 Read by Nemo
The Carillon of the Wilds 16:05 Read by Nemo