Poetry Of 'The Double Dealer', January-December 1922

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117 poems from the January - December 1922 issues of New Orleans-based literary magazine, The Double Dealer, edited by Julius Weis Friend. Some are famous (John Gould Fletcher, Maxwell Bodenheim, Arthur Symons, Muna Lee, Martha Banning Thomas, Oscar Williams, Jean Toomer, et al), many are of them are Southerners of the era and died before 1970. Two later made their names as popular novelists. - Summary by Matt Pierard (2 hr 45 min)


Wild Geese Over The Desert, By Glenn Ward Dresbach (1889-1968) 1:11 Read by Nemo
Song, By Arthur Symons (1865-1945) 0:51 Read by VfkaBT
The Challenge, By Mary Brent Whiteside (1876-1962) 1:28 Read by VfkaBT
Vestments, By Edward Sapir (1884-1939) 0:50 Read by Nemo
Trees In Paris: 1890, By Arthur Symons (1865-1945) 1:45 Read by VfkaBT
Sonnet To My Wife, By Maxwell Bodenheim (1892-1954) 1:15 Read by Nemo
Wedding Gifts, By Paul Eldridge (1888-1982) 1:06 Read by Nemo
Love Is Such A Mischief, By John McClure (1893-1956) 0:54 Read by VfkaBT
Presences, By Oscar Williams [Kaplan] (1900-1964) 1:07 Read by Nemo
Ballad Inventory, By Dominic D'armes-pseud of Basil Thompson (1892-1924) 1:54 Read by VfkaBT
Two Poems, By Maxwell Bodenheim (1892-1954) 2:19 Read by Nemo
The Last Night, By James Feibleman (1904-1987) 1:22 Read by Nemo
At Broad Bar, By Martha Webster (unk) 1:00 Read by VfkaBT
In The Patio, By Louis Gilmore (1891-1972) 0:30 Read by VfkaBT
Since You Love Beauty, O My Soul, By Paul Eldridge (1888-1982) 1:16 Read by Nemo
The Garret Of Dreams, By William Griffith (1878-1936) 1:36 Read by Nemo
Painted Girls, By Oscar Williams (1900-1964) 1:13 Read by Nemo
Words, By Ivan T. Dowell (unk) 1:10 Read by Nemo
Anthology Of The Lowly (Continued), By Paul Eldridge (1888-1982) 2:37 Read by VfkaBT
Morituri Agonisti, By Jesse Hugo Feldman (d. post-1955) 0:53 Read by VfkaBT
While I Talked, By Oscar Williams (1900-1964) 0:40 Read by VfkaBT
Grist, By Ivan T. Dowell (unk) 1:03 Read by VfkaBT
Underworld Note, By Maxwell Bodenheim (1892-1954) 1:27 Read by Nemo
Off!, By Marx C Sabel (1893-1943) 1:14 Read by VfkaBT
At St. Roch's Chapel, By Edna Adelaide Straus (1875-1944?) 0:42 Read by VfkaBT
Ruins, By Paul Eldridge (1888-1982) 1:09 Read by Nemo
Art, By Cale Young Rice (1872-1943) 0:46 Read by VfkaBT
Sarah Threeneedles (Boston, 1698.), By Katherine Lee Bates (1859-1929) 1:34 Read by VfkaBT
Five Inconsequential Charms, By Elizabeth J. Coatsworth (1893-1986) 1:54 Read by VfkaBT
Babblers, By Martha Banning Thomas (active-1950's) 0:57 Read by Nemo
Garbage-Heap, By Maxwell Bodenheim (1892-1954) 1:18 Read by Nemo
Nocturne, by Louis Gilmore (1891-1972) 0:39 Read by VfkaBT
Earth's Fingers, by Don Pops (unk) 0:49 Read by VfkaBT
Stigma, by Emmy Veronica Sanders (d. 1950) 2:24 Read by Nemo
Song, by Glenn Ward Dresbach (1889-1968) 1:04 Read by VfkaBT
Quintillian: A Ballad, by Edmund Wilson, Jr. (1895-1972) 2:21 Read by VfkaBT
The Centaurs, by Elizabeth J. Coatsworth (1893-1986) 2:06 Read by Nemo
Locutions Des Pierrots, trans of Jules Laforgue (1860-1887), by Hart Crane (d. … 2:25 Read by VfkaBT
Euthanasia, by Allen Tate (1899-1979) 1:18 Read by Nemo
Beth Marie, by William Alexander Percy (1885-1942) 1:00 Read by Nemo
An Old Man Dreams, by Walter McClellan (unk) 1:04 Read by VfkaBT
She Sews, by Harold Vinal (1891-1965) 1:21 Read by VfkaBT
Selene, by Joseph Campbell (1879-1944) 1:47 Read by Nemo
Fruits of Circumstance, Chang Chiu-ling 張九齡 (T. 子壽). (A.D. 673-740), trans by W… 1:35 Read by Nemo
Crescent Moon, by Vincent Starrett (d. 1974) 0:57 Read by VfkaBT
A Masque of Shadows, By Arthur Symons (1865-1945) 2:05 Read by VfkaBT
Effort, by Hortense Flexner (d. 1973) 0:42 Read by VfkaBT
The Flight of Asmodaeus, by Katherine Lee Bates (1859-1929) 1:22 Read by Nemo
Caesura, by Hazel Collister Hutchison (d. 1977) 0:41 Read by VfkaBT
Portrait, by William Faulkner (d. 1962) 2:00 Read by Nemo
Ultimately, by Ernest Hemingway (d. 1961) 0:38 Read by Winston Tharp
Nightingale, by Richard Aldington (d. 1962) 2:04 Read by Nemo
Jane Horner, by Richard Kirk (unk) 0:42 Read by Nemo
Not To A Temple Dancer, by Glenn W. Dresbach (1889-1968) 0:55 Read by Nemo
Mardi Gras Night - Panama, by Glenn W. Dresbach (1889-1968) 1:21 Read by Nemo
San Cristobal, by Muna Lee (d. 1965) 0:49 Read by Nemo
William Blake, by Allen Tate (1899-1979) 1:48 Read by Nemo
Appreciation, by Richard Kirk (unk) 0:41 Read by Nemo
Songs of the Seasons, by Mary Austin (d. 1934) 2:57 Read by Nemo
Truck Drivers, By Maxwell Bodenheim (1892-1954) 1:25 Read by Nemo
The Rubies of Cleopatria, by Victor O. Freeburg (d. 1953) 7:07 Read by Nemo
Parthenia, by Allen Tate (1899-1979) 1:52 Read by Nemo
Greetings from Confucious, by Paul Eldridge (1888-1982) 1:57 Read by Nemo
Mercutio, by Harry Alan Potamkin (d. 1933) 0:53 Read by Nemo
San Antonio, by John Gould Fletcher (d. 1950) 2:03 Read by VfkaBT
Emperor T'ang, Skeptic, by Paul Eldridge (1888-1982) 1:01 Read by VfkaBT
Solitaire, by Emmy V. Sanders (d. 1950) 7:52 Read by drandall
Dixie, by John G. Fletcher (d. 1950) 1:20 Read by Nemo
Albert Perkins, by Benjamin Thom (unk) 1:00 Read by VfkaBT
The Mouse Hunt, by Freeman Pinckney Smith 1:21 Read by VfkaBT
Reflected, by Hortense Flexner (d. 1973) 0:50 Read by Nemo
Walking in An Inland City, by George O'Neil (d. 1940) 0:59 Read by VfkaBT
Hour Glass, by Hortense Flexner (d. 1973) 0:31 Read by drandall
Things For Granted, by Richard Kirk (unk) 0:31 Read by drandall
Stucco and Stone, by Edmund Wilson, Jr. (1895-1972) 2:55 Read by VfkaBT
To A Road Runner, by Glenn W. Dresbach (1889-1968) 1:06 Read by Phil Schempf
Optimist, by Edward Sapir (1884-1939) 0:32 Read by VfkaBT
Tragedy, by Paul S. Nickerson 0:30 Read by VfkaBT
Nora, by Jean Toomer (d. 1967) 0:45 Read by VfkaBT
Resurrection, by Paul Eldridge (1888-1982) 0:39 Read by VfkaBT
The Cynic, by Helen Underwood Hoyt (d. 1930) 1:04 Read by Nemo
The Voice of Death, by Oscar Williams (1900-1964) 1:16 Read by Nemo
Storm Ending, by Jean Toomer (d. 1967) 0:42 Read by Phil Schempf
Revisitants, by Margaret Widdemer (d. 1978) 0:54 Read by Phil Schempf
The Incurable Mystic Answers Western Ambitions, By Maxwell Bodenheim (1892-1954) 1:49 Read by Nemo
Conscience, by Edgar Boutwell (unk) 0:39 Read by Phil Schempf
Apparitions, by Maurice Lesemann (d. 1981) 1:23 Read by Nemo
Tomb of a Ming Poet, by Arthur Davison Ficke (d. 1945) 1:12 Read by VfkaBT
The End, by Oscar Williams (1900-1964) 0:50 Read by Phil Schempf
Corymba, by Donald Davidson (d. 1968) 2:16 Read by VfkaBT
Dryad, by Donald Davidson (d. 1968) 1:26 Read by VfkaBT
Arrestment, by Leslie Nelson Jennings (d.1972) 1:55 Read by Nemo
The Sword Converses With A Philosophor, by Maxwell Bodenheim (1892-1954) 3:06 Read by VfkaBT
Dalliance, by Paul S. Nickerson 0:30 Read by VfkaBT
A Rainbow Over the Desert, by Glenn W. Dresbach (1889-1968) 0:50 Read by Phil Schempf
Chansons D'Or, by Ann Hamilton (unk) 0:56 Read by VfkaBT
Naiad, by Donald Davidson (d. 1968) 2:28 Read by VfkaBT
An Old Man's Walk, by Hazel Hall (d. 1924) 1:10 Read by Phil Schempf
Three Slender Things, by Adaline Katz (post-1963) 1:05 Read by Nemo
Research, by George O'Neil (d. 1940) 1:14 Read by VfkaBT
Stranger, by Allen Tate (1899-1979) 1:41 Read by Nemo
On the Road to Wockensutter, by John Crowe Ransom (d. 1974) 2:25 Read by Kevin Stewart
Garret, by Marian Nevin Funk (unk) 0:42 Read by drandall
Into the Sunset, by Elizabeth J. Coatsworth (1893-1986) 0:58 Read by drandall
Hamlet, by Richard Kirk (unk) 0:40 Read by Chris Pyle
Lunatic, by Marjorie Allen Seiffert (d. 1970) 1:15 Read by VfkaBT
Work, by Edgar Boutwell (unk) 0:52 Read by Skip Corris
Pensee, by Vincent Starrett (d. 1974) 1:14 Read by Skip Corris
Harvest Song, by Jean Toomer (d. 1967) 3:08 Read by Nemo
Men Women and Words, by Ben Ray Redman (d. 1961) 2:47 Read by Kevin Stewart
Hitch Your Wagon to a Star, by Allen Tate (1899-1979) 1:45 Read by drandall
Paris, by Hazel C. Hutchison (d. 1977) 1:34 Read by Nemo
Fellow Creature, by Richard Kirk (unk) 0:32 Read by drandall
Madman, by Marian N. Funk (unk) 0:53 Read by Nemo
Gayoso Girls Are Golden, by Walter McClellan (unk) 1:01 Read by drandall
Poem, by Ivan T. Dowell (unk) 1:05 Read by Kevin Stewart
Dagmar, by Yvonne Juvenal (unk) 0:47 Read by Kevin Stewart