St. George and St. Michael, Volume 2

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(4.7 stars; 21 reviews)

’St. George and St. Michael’ is a little-known historical romance telling the story of a young couple who find themselves on opposing sides during the tumultuous years of the English Civil Wars.

Tensions are rising between king and parliament, the Church of England and the numerous independent puritans, and rumours abound that Charles I will soon declare open war on the dissident elements within his realm. Seventeen-year-old Dorothy Vaughan knows little of the brewing conflict, yet is sure that her loyalty must be with her king and her nation. When she challenges her childhood friend, Richard Heywood, to prove himself a man and so worthy of winning her hand in marriage by becoming involved in the larger events that surround them, he finds that his convictions – both political and spiritual – lie with his father’s and the puritans. Determined to do what he believes is right, Richard finds that he cannot shake his immovable conscience, even for the woman he loves.

Though it is, for the most part, a realistic novel, ‘St. George and St. Michael’ is not without either the other-worldly atmosphere of the fantastic or the rich spiritual depth that characterises so much of MacDonald’s writing.

Volume 1 (5 hr 57 min)


Chapter 17: THE FIRE-ENGINE 22:25 Read by Hope K
Chapter 18: MOONLIGHT AND APPLE-BLOSSOMS 16:15 Read by Hope K
Chapter 19: THE ENCHANTED CHAIR 29:59 Read by Hope K
Chapter 20: MOLLY AND THE WHITE HORSE 10:09 Read by Hope K
Chapter 21: THE DAMSEL WHICH FELL SICK 15:19 Read by Hope K
Chapter 22: THE CATARACT 13:26 Read by Hope K
Chapter 23: AMANDA—DOROTHY—LORD HERBERT 7:36 Read by Hope K
Chapter 24: THE GREAT MOGUL 20:04 Read by Hope K
Chapter 25: RICHARD HEYWOOD 15:08 Read by Hope K
Chapter 26: THE WITCH'S COTTAGE 19:48 Read by Hope K
Chapter 27: THE MOAT OF THE KEEP 16:48 Read by Hope K
Chapter 28: RAGLAN STABLES 9:21 Read by Hope K
Chapter 29: THE APPARITION 8:26 Read by Devorah Allen
Chapter 30: RICHARD AND THE MARQUIS 17:41 Read by Hope K
Chapter 31: THE SLEEPLESS 16:53 Read by Hope K
Chapter 32: THE TURRET CHAMBER 13:38 Read by Hope K
Chapter 33: JUDGE GOUT 15:00 Read by Hope K
Chapter 34: AN EVIL TIME 15:12 Read by Hope K
Chapter 35: THE DELIVERER 17:21 Read by Hope K
Chapter 36: THE DISCOVERY 12:52 Read by Hope K
Chapter 37: THE HOROSCOPE 23:38 Read by Devorah Allen
Chapter 38: THE EXORCISM 20:02 Read by Devorah Allen


Macdonald, at home in a wonderful old castle

(4 stars)

This tale is extremely relevant to the current divide in the United States and specifically American Christianity. MacDonald's signature blend of romance and theology explores how two friends with differing views can still earnestly follow Jesus and come together in unity. I highly recommend this story if you are a Christian striving to stay true to your personal beliefs and convictions, while opening your heart to brothers and sisters who disagree with you. Part two takes place entirely in Raglin Castle and focuses on the relationships therein. Expect some mystery elements, some heartache, and a fair amount of drama. Not too unique all things considered but enjoyable none the less. This part two reading is well done and continues with the expressive reading and good characterization needed to make a book from 200+ years ago fall easily upon the ears of an American college student riding public transit daily. Thank you, ladies, for your good work.

(5 stars)

A fun clever historical adventure. I’ve heard Volumes 1 & 2 and I’m looking forward to more in Volume 3.