Captain Salt in Oz

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A voyage on the famous Nonestic Ocean! What could be more thrilling than that? We—many of us—have taken trips on the prosaic Atlantic or even Pacific, but have we found a SEA FOREST with flying fish and swimming birds? Have we been pursued by a real SEA SERPENT, or had our ship transfixed by the immense ivory tusk of a NARWHAL? Have we come upon the glittering island of PEAKENSPIRE, or made friends with a charming talking hippopotamus? Yet all these things and more befall Captain Salt, one time Pirate and now Royal Explorer of Oz, and his merry crew. They come back with their hold bursting with unique and fascinating specimens, with their chart crowded with new islands, all claimed for Ozma of Oz!

Captain Salt in Oz (1936) is the thirtieth in the series of Oz novels created by L. Frank Baum. (Original publisher's book summary) (5 hr 2 min)


Introduction 1:30 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
Sail Ho! 18:24 Read by Mark Nelson
Anchors Aweigh 9:28 Read by Mark Nelson
The Fire Baby 20:53 Read by Mark Nelson
Samuel's First Specimen 16:37 Read by Singingreek
Patrippany Island 15:49 Read by apanis18
A Little Wild Man 19:39 Read by Mark Nelson
Strange Specimens for Samuel Salt 17:51 Read by Mark Nelson
Maxims for Monarchs 16:12 Read by Mark Nelson
Sea Legs for Tandy 17:08 Read by Mark Nelson
The City of Bridges 16:46 Read by Mark Nelson
The Prince of the Peaks 15:45 Read by Mark Nelson
Fog 17:50 Read by Mark Nelson
The Sea Forest 13:00 Read by Mark Nelson
The Sea Unicorn! 11:24 Read by Marta A
The Collector Is Collected 16:10 Read by Fadi Qutub
The Storm! 6:17 Read by Pseudonymous Nerd
The Old Man of the Jungle! 8:16 Read by Fadi Qutub
A New Country 15:32 Read by Marta A
Boglodore's Revenge 13:13 Read by Marta A
King Tandy 4:37 Read by Pseudonymous Nerd
A Voyage Resumed 9:43 Read by Marta A


I love it.

(5 stars)

you are Ruth plumly tomson not L. Frank Baum

(2 stars)

sorry im used to the reader ..reading space novel's im having a hard time with him reading an Oz book it just isn't right...sorry i dont like it at all....

Hi Julia and she built the little bit of grammar

(5 stars)

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Decent enough story but not my favorite by far

(4 stars)

For the most part the readers are very good. The story was interesting but left that feeling of being an "Oz"book. I thed talking hippopotamus!

(3 stars)

Perhaps not one of the very best Oz books - all of the usual Oz characters are quite sorely missed. All of the different readers are very good though, and each one would have made for an excellent solo reader of the book.