The Texan Scouts

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(4.5 stars; 28 reviews)

This is a sequel to Texan Star and continues the adventures of young Ned Fulton as he finds himself a part of the struggle for Texans to defend against the Mexican army and reach independence. In his travels across the state he meets historical figures involved in the struggles on both sides. It has the hallmarks of a good Western novel set in an historical background. The trilogy is finished with The Texan Triumph. (Summary by aniroo) (9 hr 7 min)


In The Storm 27:32 Read by Edmonds
The Captives 24:55 Read by Edmonds
The Fight with Urrea 26:13 Read by Edmonds
The Cabin in the Woods 29:25 Read by Edmonds
Santa Anna's Advance 27:14 Read by Edmonds
For Freedom's Sake 23:40 Read by Edmonds
The Herald of Attack 23:19 Read by Edmonds
In The Alamo 23:58 Read by Edmonds
The Flag of No Quarter 21:38 Read by Edmonds
Crockett and Bowie 25:07 Read by Edmonds
The Desperate Defence 29:29 Read by Edmonds
Before the Dictator 31:23 Read by Edmonds
To the Last Man 35:51 Read by Edmonds
The News of the Fall 31:26 Read by KevinS
In Another Trap 36:02 Read by Kevin LaVergne
Fannin's Camp 30:13 Read by tommack
The Sad Surrender 32:30 Read by Jddykst
The Black Tragedy 22:46 Read by Jddykst
The Race for the Boat 37:32
The Cry for Vengance 7:28 Read by KevinS



(5 stars)

great book excellent readers thanks!

(3.5 stars)

The worst narrator I ever heard, has no business narrating any books.