The Book of This and That

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(2.6 stars; 6 reviews)

From the pen of the Irish poet and essayist, Robert Lynd, comes a collection of humorous and satirical essays on topics as wide ranging as stupidity, Christmas, spring fashions, and the beauty of statistics. - Summary by Larry Wilson (5 hr 45 min)


Suspicion 11:00 Read by Tom Penn
On Good Resolutions 11:08 Read by Tom Penn
The Sin of Dancing 10:09 Read by CoMo290
Thoughts at a Tango Tea 14:17 Read by drandall
The Humours of Murder 14:58 Read by Skip Corris
The Decline and Fall of Hell 9:05 Read by CoMo290
On Cheerful Readers 10:55 Read by Dietrich Weber
St G. B. S. and the Bishop 10:44 Read by DrPGould
Stupidity 14:37 Read by realisticspeakers
Waste 12:56 Read by realisticspeakers
On Christmas 12:04 Read by Larry Wilson
On Demagogues 12:03 Read by Skip Corris
On Coincidences 13:42 Read by Kathleen Moore
On Indignation 12:22 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Heart of Mr Galsworthy 13:11 Read by Kathleen Moore
Spring Fashions 13:31 Read by drandall
On Black Cats 9:52 Read by Devorah Allen
On Being Shocked 14:06 Read by AnnaLisa Bodtker
Confessions 11:27 Read by Skip Corris
The Terrors of Politics 11:33 Read by Greg Giordano
On Disasters 13:55 Read by Greg Giordano
The Rights of Murder 12:34 Read by Skip Corris
The Humour of Hoaxes 12:37 Read by Greg Giordano
Anatole France 11:50 Read by Skip Corris
The Sea 13:21 Read by Larry Wilson
The Futurists 14:05 Read by realisticspeakers
A Defence of Critics 11:12 Read by Tom Penn
On the Beauty of Statistics 12:18 Read by Tom Penn