Adelgitha; or, The Fruits of a Single Error

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The second original tragedy written by Gothic writer Matthew Lewis, Adelgitha; or, The Fruits of a Single Error is a markedly more serious affair than his melodramatic output, dealing as it does with a fallen woman who is mercilessly blackmailed by a ruthless tyrant when she spurns his advances. Set in Otranto during the High Middle Ages, and featuring fictionalized depictions of historical rulers Robert Guiscard (of the Normans) and Michael Ducas (of Byzantium), Adelgitha is an archetypal Gothic drama that, while not especially refined or meritorious in terms of quality, still manages to thrill in that deliciously overwrought way that Lewis knew how to sell. Sit down with it during a stormy night, turn off the lights, and prepare yourself for a few hours of treachery, murder, madness and despair! - Summary by Tomas Peter

Michael Ducas, Emperor of Byzantium: Tomas Peter
Robert Guiscard, Prince of Apulia: Larry Wilson
Lothair, a Norman knight: ToddHW
Alciphron, a Grecian nobleman: Sam Monsen
Dercetus, a Grecian nobleman: TJ Burns
Rainulf, an officer of Guiscard: Son of the Exiles
Julian, an officer of Guiscard: Alan Mapstone
Adelgitha, Princess of Apulia: Leanne Yau
Imma, Princess of Byzantium: Devorah Allen
The Abbess of St. Hilda: Sandra Schmit
Claudia, an Italian lady: Sonia
Chorus: Roger Melin
Female Peasants: Eva Davis & April6090

Narrator: Foon
Editor: ToddHW
(2 hr 2 min)


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