The Fun of Getting Thin

Read by Christine Lehman

(4.4 stars; 79 reviews)

In this short, amusing book, subtitled "How to Be Thin and Reduce The Waist Line," Samuel G. Blythe explains how he was able to lose, and keep off, 50 pounds, without resorting to fad diets or giving up the foods he loved. Over a hundred years later, his common-sense advice about food, drink and exercise still makes sense today. ***NOTE: It should be noted that there is language within this book that was commonplace during the time this book was written that is often considered offensive today.*** (Christine Lehman) (0 hr 49 min)


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Something different

(4.5 stars)

Fun, realistic and inspiring. I recommend it those who are overwhelmed with '' what to eat '' and " what not to eat " information.

powerful truth of getting thin

(5 stars)

Its amazing to think that current diet fads that exist today existed over 100 years ago. His experiences are witty and educational - most will relate to it. The flow of events are logical and the conclusions unsinkable - its all about portion control.

(4.5 stars)

nice and short common sense no promises just one man's experience

This is very, very helpful and motivational!

(5 stars)

I needed to hear this! I'm a 16 year old teen who weighs +/- 130kg, and I've been trying to lose weight for 4 years now. This book has given me some new found motivation to try the technique.

A quick sensible read. Good steady reader.

(5 stars)

Written by a man who went through, and understands, the hardships of both being fat and of dieting. The answer he offers is simple, but not necessarily easy. He didn't want to feel deprived, but he acknowledged he had to change how he was eating. The reader was clear and steady, with a pleasant voice. It was a quick listen and I enjoyed the author's honesty.

A story of a man's journey towards losing weight

(4.5 stars)

Upfront, simple idea on how to lose weight without losing your mind...Reader is AMAZING!


(5 stars)

I am going to recommend that book to all my friends that are trying to lose weight.

What we all know reinforced.Well read.

(4 stars)